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White Center annexation? Boundary Review Board concludes 2-night hearing with move in that direction

Meeting for a second night in White Center, the King County Boundary Review Board has just given what amounts to preliminary approval of Seattle’s proposed annexation of White Center. Its members voted 8-1 to prepare an approval motion for a final vote at its next official meeting (in July). This followed two nights of testimony from local residents as well as from representatives of Seattle, King County, and local agencies. Major concerns involved how fire service would be provided to the now-unincorporated area as well as how White Center’s libraries would be managed; the notorious Myers Way encampment/RV area also was brought up often, with questions about how Seattle would manage public safety in North Highline if that situation couldn’t be handled. We have full coverage of both nights on our partner site White Center Nowfirst night here (with video), second night here (with video to be added).

UPDATE: West Seattle Corporate Center flag lowered, morning after protest note

ORIGINAL REPORT, 8:35 PM TUESDAY: Patricia sent the photo of the West Seattle Corporate Center flag at Delridge/Andover, the area’s largest and most prominent flag, showing the note someone has put up in protest:


She writes, “Obviously I’m not the only one offended” by the flag not being lowered to half-staff as a sign of respect for the Orlando massacre victims. (Here’s the presidential proclamation the note alludes to, regarding lowering U.S. flags until sundown Thursday.) We will contact the building’s management tomorrow to ask about this.

9:40 AM WEDNESDAY: Co-publisher Patrick Sand went to the building and was about to go into the office to ask about the flag, when he noticed someone had just lowered it:


West Seattleites planning to comment at City Council short-term rentals hearing tomorrow

A reader just e-mailed a reminder that tomorrow is the City Council hearing about the proposal to regulate short-term rentals. The reader included a link to the following video by another West Seattleite concerned about the proposal – she says enforcement of an existing city rule shut down her AirBnB:

It’s been almost two weeks since we published the city’s announcement of the proposal to limit how many days a year some units could be rented out via tech platforms such as AirBnB and VRBO. Another West Seattleite, Rhonda Porter, has said she plans to comment tomorrow too; she and her husband have a Beach Drive bungalow that’s available as a vacation rental. She wrote in the discussion section on our June 1st story that “90 days is not enough time to break even on a vacation rental” – that’s the proposed limit for some rentals. Tomorrow’s hearing is at City Hall downtown, 9:30 am, before the Affordable Housing, Neighborhoods, and Finance Committee.

FOLLOWUP: Orlando sympathy banner back on Alki Statue of Liberty, and Parks says sash will follow

(WSB photo, this morning)

1:08 PM: Following up on the discovery yesterday afternoon that a Seattle Parks crew had removed the Orlando-sympathy sash and banner from the Alki Statue of Liberty because of “complaints,” less than a day after West Seattleite Sam Samaniego had placed it there:

Yesterday evening, two hours after we first reported on the removal, Parks said it was a mistake and would return it today. However, as noted this morning thanks to a photo tweeted by Heather, only the banner – covered with signatures – was returned. We’ve been waiting to hear back from Parks spokesperson Dewey Potter before publishing a separate followup. Now we have. Her reply starts with something else we had requested, details on the “complaints” cited yesterday as a reason for the removal:

A member of the grounds crew was at the statue yesterday afternoon. A man approached her and identified himself as a veteran. He said he was offended by the way the banner was attached to the statue and asked her to take it down. She tried to reach her crew lead by phone and could not reach him. It was late in (her workday) and she took it down. It is now back up on the statue. The crew chief reports that the sash was not in the truck with the banner.

Good news, though – while we were writing this, Potter e-mailed again to say the sash has been found and that Parks “will have it back up late today or tomorrow.”

In her first e-mail this afternoon, she also included this:

Seattle Parks and Recreation welcomes and supports spontaneous community events whether they are to celebrate a happy event or to mourn and grieve a horrendous one. Parks are gathering places where people come to be with their neighbors, and we welcome the expressions of happiness or grief that come along with those events. We regret that the banner was removed, and hope to identify local groups who may want to make a permanent home for it, as we did after 9/11 when the Southwest Historical Society Log House Museum made a home for the artifacts left at the statue then.

At Cal Anderson Park, we are waiting 30 days before we remove any remembrances, and are trying to identify groups who might have left items they would like to claim. It is our practice to post a sign at a site with items left behind giving a date when items will be removed, to give people an opportunity to collect them.

That was noted in our original report, looking back at several instances of guerrilla art at the plaza a few years ago that had warnings posted before removal – something that did not happen in this case. We will of course be checking back to see when the sash returns (let us know if you see it first!).

5:11 PM: As noted in comments, the sash is back (albeit windblown) – we drove by about 45 minutes ago; Parks says it was put back in place at 3:20 pm.

See what 3,000+ Seattle tweens, teens, young adults want to do with $700,000 in city $

Three weeks ago, we reported on the call for 11-to-25-year-olds to vote in the Youth Voice, Youth Choice “participatory budgeting” process – with $700,000 in city money to be spent on the winning projects, themselves the result of a series of discussions around the city.

3,065 people voted, the city says, and here are the results, as announced in a city news release. (We added the descriptions, dollar amounts, and locations as listed on the “sample ballot,” where you can also see the projects that didn’t make the cut.)

· Houses for People Experiencing Homelessness – Youth collaborate with carpenters to build 10 tiny homes for people experiencing homelessness.

Estimated Cost: $128,500
Location: City-wide

· Youth Homeless Shelter Improvements – Physical improvements for a youth homeless shelter such as installing lockers, washers and dryers, and new paint.

Estimated Cost: $42,000
Location: Central, North Seattle

· Job Readiness Workshops for Homeless Youth – A term-limited expansion of existing services for youth experiencing homelessness focusing on job readiness.

Estimated Cost: $43,600
Location: City-wide

· Homeless Children and Youth Liaison Services – A term-limited expansion for school liaison services connecting youth experiencing homelessness to needed resources.

Estimated Cost: $70,400
Location: City-wide

· Wi-Fi Hotspot Checkout – A term-limited expansion of the Seattle Public Library’s checkout system to include more Wi-Fi hotspots, which increase internet access.

Estimated Cost: $165,000
Location: City-wide

· Park Bathroom Upgrades – Creating a map of public bathrooms in the city and implementing improvements at 1-2 bathrooms in parks in most need of repair.

Estimated Cost: $205,000
Location: South, West Seattle

· Safe Routes to Schools – Improve crosswalks in areas near schools to create safer routes to school for students.

Estimated Cost: $145,000
Location: South, West Seattle

The announcement says, “Now that the choices have been made, City staff and local agencies will implement the projects.” (We’re following up with a few questions, including location and final cost tally, since it appears the estimated costs are about $100,000 over that $700,000.)

Half-dozen options for your West Seattle Tuesday night

June 14, 2016 11:12 am
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(Monday night sunset, photographed on Charlestown Hill by Zack Malson)

Second Tuesday of the month brings multiple neighborhood meetings and more. From the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar and inbox:

REFLECTION ON ORLANDO: 6-7 pm, you’re invited to Tibbetts United Methodist Church (WSB sponsor) for reflection, meditation, and prayer, as explained here. (3940 41st SW)

WEST SEATTLE MOTORCYCLE CLUB: Second “ride-in” for the new club at Pizzeria 22 in The Admiral District, 6 pm. (4213 SW College)

ADMIRAL NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION: 7 pm at The Sanctuary at Admiral, public welcome. Agenda highlights from ANA president Larry Wymer:

Jesseca Brand – Strategic Advisor for the city’s HALA effort – will give a presentation describing HALA and their current strategies and recommendations for improving housing affordability, mainly through increased density.

We will also continue our discussion of recent efforts to align Department of Neighborhoods personnel and resources with the City Council Districts.

Finally, we will discuss and finalize planning for the Summer Concert Series at Hiawatha Park, and the 4th of July Kids Parade.

(42nd SW/SW Lander)

FAUNTLEROY COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION: 7 pm at Fauntleroy Schoolhouse, the FCA board meets; public welcome. From the Fauntleroy Flash e-newsletter: “This month’s agenda includes tree grinding in the roundabout, a proposed dog park at Jack Block Park, Endolyne Triangle revisions, motorcycle noise, ADUs and DADUs, the Fauntleroy Fall Festival, and committee reports.” (9131 California SW)

WHITE CENTER ANNEXATION HEARING, NIGHT 2: 7 pm at Bethaday Community Learning Space in White Center, it’s the second night of the King County Boundary Review Board‘s hearing on Seattle’s proposal to annex White Center and vicinity. Signups start at 6:30 pm. Here’s our White Center Now report on Night 1, including video. (605 SW 108th)

SPRING SCHOOL BAND CONCERT: 7 pm at the Chief Sealth International High School auditorium, CSIHS and Denny International Middle School bands perform. Free. (2600 SW Thistle)

From West Seattle to Orlando: ‘Reflection’ tonight at Tibbetts UMC

June 14, 2016 9:09 am
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Some have asked if any events/vigils are planned in West Seattle in the aftermath of the Orlando massacre. We just received this:

Reflection, meditation, and prayer at Tibbetts UMC this evening from 6 pm – 7 pm in the sanctuary:

Please join us in the sanctuary for a time of reflection and lifting up the families and victims of the massacre. This will be a time of meditation, prayer and reflection on the state of our nation.

Tibbetts (a WSB sponsor) is at 3940 41st SW.

CONGRATULATIONS! West Seattle Little League teams in district-championship games

Two updates on West Seattle Little League teams who played District 7 championship games last night:


Thanks to Jeremy Fredericks for the photo and update on the 50/70 Red Socks, who “handily defeated South Highline National Little League 14-3 to win the District 7 Tournament of Champions!!!”

And James Ross sends the photo and update on the Dust Devils:

image1 (16)

They finished in second place for District 7, after what he calls “a game for the ages, with both teams battling back and forth for the lead. The Renton Little League team was able to prevail in extra innings.” Leading up to last night’s game, he says, the Dust Devils “went 6-1 in the End of Season tournament to become 2016 West Seattle Little League Champions in the Minors Division.”

Anybody else? Let us know – – thanks!

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Tuesday updates; later start for bridge closure tonight

(SDOT MAP with travel times/video links; is the ‘low bridge’ closed? LOOK HERE)

(Click any view for a close-up; more cameras on the WSB Traffic page)

6:34 AM: Good morning! So far, no incidents in/through/from West Seattle. Reminder for tonight:

OVERNIGHT BRIDGE CLOSURE STARTS LATER: The ongoing closures of the west end of the bridge start later if a major event is expected to have a certain level of attendance, and that’s the case tonight because of the big Copa America Centenario soccer game downtown. Tonight’s closure is scheduled for 11 pm-5 am. (If you haven’t been on the westbound bridge on a late night during the closures, it means you will have to exit at Delridge.)