UPDATE: Crash causes water woes in Fairmount Springs


7:35 PM: Thanks for the tips and photos – neighbors near 39th and Raymond [map] report a semi-truck took out a fire hydrant, sending water into the street, and reducing water pressure in nearby homes.
Seattle Fire Department is there. No report of injuries – the call is classified as “investigate, out of service.”

7:42 PM: Another texter just sent word of brown water at a home nearby. Having just toured the city drinking-water control center today (story tomorrow) – we can confirm the hydrant problem would definitely cause something like that, though we would still advise making sure Seattle Public Utilities knows – 206-386-1800.

9:36 PM: Commenters in the affected area say SPU’s telling them water could be out until about 4 am.

15 Replies to "UPDATE: Crash causes water woes in Fairmount Springs"

  • JayDee March 30, 2016 (8:19 pm)

    “The Springs at Fairmount Springs”  btw, I am waiting for a Nissan Leaf to rollover in a no-injury accident.

  • moon March 30, 2016 (8:47 pm)

    We live a block away & now have no water.  Just got through to SPU & was told everyone within the 4 block radius will be without until approx 4AM.  

    • WSB March 30, 2016 (8:55 pm)

      Thanks for the update, Moon.

  • pagefive March 30, 2016 (9:02 pm)

    Thanks, Moon, We live a block away on 38th. Low water pressure and brown water.

  • ChannelingLewisBlack March 30, 2016 (9:32 pm)

    Just called – have guests in an air bnb near there – they said ETA on restoration is 3-4am

  • Aida March 30, 2016 (10:33 pm)

    Brown water & low pressure on 41st & Raymond too.

  • Bubbasaurus March 30, 2016 (10:45 pm)

    The water is back on for those of us lucky enough to be up the hill from the accident. Hopefully it will be back to normal for everyone by morning.

  • ChannelingLewisBlack March 31, 2016 (12:18 am)

    So am I the only one that is wondering why (what appears to be) a “reefer” refrigerator tractor tailor is in a residential neighborhood?  Is anyone…surprised…that they hit a hydrant?  Having guests affected by this and directly being impacted by the texting fool last week on Admiral, really wondering why common sense behind the wheel seems to evaporate somewhere over the bridge to WS.

    • AMD March 31, 2016 (9:57 am)

      I blame over-reliance and under-reliability of GPS.

  • bolo March 31, 2016 (7:14 am)

    @ChannelingLewisBlack, You are not the only one; I was wondering why also. Maybe a frozen fishsticks delivery to the school cafeteria?

  • MJ March 31, 2016 (8:36 am)

    Regardless of why he was in the neighborhood, that’s a tough corner to make in a semi. Steep grade coming up from Fauntleroy and a traffic circle that restricted ability to make the turn. Might have just made a wrong turn and found themselves with no way out. 

  • pagefive March 31, 2016 (12:01 pm)

     Sure made a mess along 39th down the block (north) towards Fauntleroy. Who is responsible for cleaning it up?

    • WSB March 31, 2016 (12:11 pm)

      Depends on what kind of mess you mean. Crash debris? Broken hydrant? Water? If it’s in the road/on the sidewalk, call SDOT – 206-684-ROAD – for starters.

      • pagefive March 31, 2016 (2:03 pm)

        Thanks, WSB. I’ll call SDOT. Lots of mud/silt along the street and sidewalk.

  • Linda March 31, 2016 (1:40 pm)

    It was a truck going to the Thruftway. Call them and ask them why their trucks drive through neighborhoods. They do it all the time over here by the store. I was in there  last night and the employees were all laughing about it. 

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