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WS Emergency Preparedness event countdown: Reason #3

June 21, 2007 11:54 pm
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Tonight’s reason for being there Saturday: The 2001 quake wasn’t “The Big One.”

Salads at Seacrest

June 21, 2007 7:25 pm
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A new P-I review raves as much about the cole slaw and Caesar salad at Alki Crab & Fish @ Seacrest as about the fish ‘n’ chips.

Your mission: Throw away less trash

City leaders have decided not to build another transfer station in Georgetown, good news for the folks there who’ve been fighting it; but they’re telling all of us, in order to really make sure we don’t need it, we’ve got to throw away even less trash than we do now.

A good omen

Congratulations to Lafayette Elementary on the launch of its long-awaited playground renovation, with this morning’s groundbreaking ceremony. On a school day that wouldn’t have existed if not for one of this past winter’s snow days, early overcast gave way to brilliant sunshine by the time the festivities started. We’ve got a few pix. First — the reason a new playground is needed (the entire 2-acre blacktop looks like this, or worse):


Here’s the groundbreaking lineup (note they couldn’t really smash shovels through the tough old blacktop, so look close and you’ll see a ceremonial pile of sand to be overturned) — participants included parent volunteers and student councilmembers as well as King County Councilmember Dow Constantine (center) and Lafayette Principal Virginia Turner (right):


And one more photo of Dow C for good measure – he drew goodnatured boos by admitting he had attended Schmitz Park Elementary, not Lafayette. He got to read the long list of major project contributors — and there are many; more help still needed — info on how to do that is in our previous post on the topic.


Sorry for the slowness

We thought it was just happening as we tried to add content to the site … but now we’re getting e-mail from WSB readers about difficulty getting to the site or going page to page. Please forgive us; we’re on the phone right now with the hosting company trying to figure out what the problem is.

Four places to be, & when to be there

June 21, 2007 8:31 am
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Click! today or tonight: Click! is donating part of today’s sales to the Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association, then hosting a short presentation @ 7 tonight about what DNDA is up to.

-West Seattle Stadium: Tomorrow night, the cancer-fighting Relay for Life takes the field, 6 pm Friday all the way to noon Saturday. Drop by to show support and/or give $.

-Alki Masonic Hall (which is actually east of The Junction): Saturday morning, the Freemasons of the Alki Lodge invite everybody to their fundraising pancake breakfast, 8 am-noon, $5 adults/$4 kids.

-Lincoln Park beach: Sunday afternoon, the Paddle for PAWS swimmers make their journey. Be there to cheer them on; you can give $ online, too.