FOUND CAT: Gray and white – July 12, 2017 1:14 am

He has been coming around our house and our neighbors’ houses on 63rd Ave SW for a few weeks now. Very sweet and unafraid of other animals. He doesn’t have a collar on, his head tilts to the side, and he may be hard of hearing. Is he lost or left behind? Please text 585.295.3660 if you recognize him.

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  • KD July 12, 2017 (10:05 pm)

    Does it ever beg for food? (or just attention! May just be a nosy friendly that belongs nearby) but if it seems homeless or sleeping outside, then take it to your closest Vet clinic and they can check for microchip and have Seattle Animal Shelter pick up (they ARE no-kill!)

  • patty neill July 23, 2017 (5:17 am)

    Hi theres a neat little trick that MAY work to find out if its a local ly owned cat , is a paper collar. If  you dont own a printer , just draw the collar strip on a piece of paper thats long enough to wrap around his neck , write something like:This cat has been visiting us lately. I am worried he/she may be a stray or lost cat but want to make sure before trying to help. If this is your cat, please write your phone number or contact info below or call me :

    Our number ______________________ Your contact info:
  • patty neill July 23, 2017 (5:24 am)

    then  tape or staple paper collar .& hope you hear back 

  • K July 23, 2017 (4:49 pm)

    Thank you for your responses, especially the paper collar. This cat first appeared a few days before Halloween and then was never seen in the vicinity again until about 3 weeks ago when he began coming around with greater and greater frequency to the point where he now basically lives at our house outside of the house, as he cannot come in due to our animals. We are both seasoned pet owners as well as having worked with local rescues and fostering. I am 99% sure he has been abandoned given his behavior and the level of his hunger. He has become more aggressive and feedings have become more urgent.  He also exhibits behavior of having tapeworms. We have found a solution and will be taking him to a clinic and have somebody who is possibly interested in adopting him once he is evaluated medically. Since it has been 3 weeks and we haven’t received any response of ownership we’re hoping this course of action is the best for him because he is such a sweet cat and it’s really too bad if somebody mistreated him and abandoned him. Having a cat free roaming like this, especially one who is hungry, is neither good for the cat nor for the other animals in our neighborhood and so we’re taking responsibility, but if anybody recognizes him and tries to claim him, you can contact us and we will let you know his status. Thank you!

  • Responsiblepetowner August 13, 2017 (11:41 pm)

    Happily this cat’s situation has been resolved and the neighbors, vet and “foster parent” who came together to aid this cat from 6/26/17 to 8/12/17 greatly hope that he (who loves being an indoor kitty as evidenced by the individual who rescued/fostered him) will remain indoors for the safety of him and all the other pets/animals in the area, as his increased, demanding and hungry presence became a very concerning, stressful, and after 3+ weeks a nuisance situation, which was unfair to him and to the neighborhood. Things really reached a critical point when he attacked a cat in the neighborhood which was witnessed by 3 people and at this point action needed to be taken . Cats should not be free-roaming as this poses a great danger to them and to the other animals and people in the neighborhood. And it should be noted (having volunteered for two separate rescues and having fostered many, many cats) when you adopt from local shelters/no-kill rescues the majority of contracts state that you as the owner will keep your cat indoors. Cateries can be built, especially if you’re a homeowner, or large cages can be used and most cats will walk on a cat friendly leash with proper training. The traffic and the speeding that occurs on 63rd Avenue  and Alki Ave., both of which are being used as an open runway for motorcycles and cars this summer, especially pose an incredible danger to both humans and the animals that are trying to cross the roads. We the neighbors on 63rd,  Alki Ave. and 64th, and his foster parent are happy that this lovely cat has finally been reunited with his family and that there’s been a happy ending, and hopefully a lesson about letting cats roam, in this story.

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