West Seattle Crime Watch: 3 reader reports; plus, SPD’s new privacy boss booked for WSBWCN

As noted in our coverage of last night’s West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting, car prowls remain one of our area’s most common crimes. If it happens to you, be sure to report it – then please let us know too. From the inbox today:

CAR PROWL: Jan reports from Upper Alki: “Yesterday morning near 57th and Admiral, our son’s car window was smashed in and two backpacks taken. The smaller backpack was returned to us later in the day by a neighbor who noticed it sitting in the back of her garage. The larger hiking backpack is still missing.” She says it’s Gregory brand, red and gray.

BROKEN WINDOW: Don’t know if this was a car prowl or pure vandalism, but Seth spotted it early today: “Came out of my home at 5:30am and saw a black SUV with its rear passenger window smashed. Across from the 7-11 on Avalon.”

STOLEN MAIL, TOSSED: Via e-mail: “Mail theft has been a problem on 17th Ave SW and 18th Ave SW for a couple weeks. I found fistfuls of mail on the ground between Kenyon and Henderson. This morning it was on 17th & Kenyon.”

One more note:

NEXT CRIME/SAFETY MEETING … is the West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network, 6:30 pm next Tuesday (February 23rd) at the Southwest Precinct. WSBWCN’s Karen Berge just sent news their guest is confirmed: the new Seattle Police director of transparency and privacy, Mary Perry.

5 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: 3 reader reports; plus, SPD's new privacy boss booked for WSBWCN"

  • H February 18, 2016 (7:42 am)

    Mail theft on 17th I have not received mail in three days, my box is empty. I found mail thrown in trash can at 16th and Roxbury next to Wells Fargo. I’m tired of the package, and mail theft here time for a kitty litter box package and a PO box. 

  • Delridge Denizen February 18, 2016 (4:19 pm)

    I was just trying to figure out which crime is abbreviated “WSBWCN”, but then I later saw that I’d misinterpreted “booked”.  If we do need to be able to book someone on a WSBWCN though, West Seattle Blog Wasted Comment Nonsense might be a good one.  Feel free to start with this one.

    • WSB February 18, 2016 (4:24 pm)

      sorry, Denizen, still trying to get used to the larger headline type, probably should have just stuck with the usual “and more” minus the acronym.

  • Delridge Denizen February 18, 2016 (6:10 pm)

    No apologies necessary, WSB.  You’re a font of good information.

  • Morgan Junction Mom February 18, 2016 (9:04 pm)

    Not quite a car prowl, but in that general realm: yesterday morning as I was walking out to my car to go to work, I found a woman sleeping in my car. My husband forgot to lock up after unloading the groceries the night before, and security camera footage shows her climbing in at 4am and passing out. It was so crazy! I still don’t quite know what to think about it.

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