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    Can anyone recommend a repair shop in W.S.?




    I use Ken Davis, a blog member, he works out of his house and is really good. He has worked on three of my computers and once replaced the hard drive that was failing. His email is ken@ken-davis.net




    For most issues that arise in a windows or mac computer, any of the repair shops should be able to do a good job. The price and the perceived value of the service they render are the variables.

    People who have opinions should speak up. Business owners and employees of computers shops should speak up too.

    I thought there was a computer shop in the WSB sponsors but I don’t see an ad on the sidebar.

    If you have a business and need the deductible business expense for your records or an insurance claim, you need to go to a full scale repair shop.

    If you are a home user with a computer old enough to not be worth 500.00 on craigslist, then you need to either learn how to fix it yourself or let a hobbyist like me look at it and tell you what the range of options are.

    I can call myself a hobbyist now since I no longer repair computers and WAN and LAN networks for a living. But I probably have more years of direct experience fixing computers than anyone I have met in Seattle that is currently employed fixing computers.

    My main goal is to make sure no one who needs a computer fixed is barred from it by financial problems. I also have the time and tools to fix systems that any commercial shop would have to charge you an amount close to or exceeding the value of the computer.

    But the main reason I do this is because I enjoy the puzzle and teaching people how to protect themselves and their data from the vicissitudes of modern hardware and software. Why should I keep all this knowledge and experience to myself? I can only reconfigure and rebuild all my computers and network devices and servers so many times before it is no longer fun…

    Just because I offer something for free does not mean it has no value :)

    Celeste: When are you going to pick up that Dell laptop? Did you forget? I sent an email when it was done :)



    I suppose it depends on what kind of repair(s) you need but we have a great Information Technology (IT) guy that I would highly recommend – Paul Songer @ Protosoft – he is located right here in West Seattle. He is very dependable, knowledgeable and, as far we’re concerned, affordable. His reponse time is pretty much instantaneously and he’s fixed our problems/issues right away every time. He’s worth his weight in gold.



    We always use PC Mobile Help: http://www.pcmobilehelp.com/, (206) 686-8682

    They are friendly and fast. I love the guys that work there.

    Ken has also been very kind and made suggestions on here when I have asked questions about computer related recommendations. If kindness counts, I can suggest Ken based on that for sure. :0)

    Good luck.



    I would second the recommendation for PC Mobile Help. Rob Shiras and his crew are fantastic. In fact they just got done upgrading my system with a new hard drive to accommodate my growing storage needs.


    They also have the ability to log into my machine remotely, so in many cases I don’t even need to bring the machine into their office!


    206-686-8682 – located just one building north of the True Value Hardware in the Junction.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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