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    HMC Rich

    I am glad the M47 is open to ideas. I was only pointing out some of the words used by that person in a previous post.

    I am not going to engage any further. I really don’t have the time and can’t formulate a researchedresponse like I may have in the distant past. I just have other items that are more pressing and do not want to just pop off some shallow partisan statements.

    Enjoy the spring and summer! Maybe some day we can have an ice cream cone at Full Tilt like we did when Mr. Obama was elected. I think we all need a big hug considering how ugly politics can be.



    hugs any time.. with or without the ice cream



    Just a reminder that at this point of time in Obama’s presidency, the big scandal, according to Fox, was Obama’s preference for Dijon mustard. I’m not making this up.




    hey, y’all.

    like HMC said, i’m really busy and working a lot of hours, and i haven’t posted here in a long time…

    largely due to the tail end of obama’s stimulative economy!

    yeah, really. wanna fight about it? ;)

    i have a disqus account, and post on national fora from time to time; i’ve been fighting the whole “never hillary/purity pony” moniker. i’m trying to spread the word that bernie supporters and hillary supporters need each other, and democrats, as a whole, need to stop litigating the 2016 election and start rowing together.

    i regularly get lambasted by both camps – that is, when trump’s flying monkeys aren’t piling on.

    to betty and the other conserva-dudes: you have to realize that you’re posting to a blog in a liberal city. most people here disagree with you. get over it.

    situational awareness is everything.

    P.S. i like cary moon.

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    redblack…good to see you here every spo often. I, too, don’t spend a lot of time here, for the most part, these days. More health issues, a 3 yr old grandson, it’s summer, more health issues, it’s too warm, …did I mention more health issues? lol..(bucket list thing…to see ALL the docs at the Polyclinic….hehehe). Life gets busy, one gets tired of the rhetoric surrounding the current regime, discouraged by the rhetoric of the current regime AND it’s truly vacuous supporters. And one just stops for a while.

    Ice cream at Full Tilt sounds good. And I like Cary Moon, too

    having or showing a lack of thought or intelligence; mindless.
    “a vacuous smile”
    synonyms: silly, inane, unintelligent, insipid, foolish, stupid, fatuous, idiotic, brainless, witless, vapid, vacant, empty-headed; More

    Couldn’t resist that last part, even as I RESIST !




    i don’t know if i like cary moon or not. but i do know i like her better than the alternative (assuming she holds the candidacy to the final count)
    and that the two alternatives are all i am going to get… so i had better choose the one i like better and stand behind her.

    either way this little old lady is smiling.. we are going to get a female mayor.
    the bad news is that we might get one that is little better than her male predecessors…
    but .. it’s a start.

    i too duck every time i point out that the latest “scandal” is bogus.. something that two minutes with a google search should have revealed..

    to my sorrow i out as many bogus left posts these days as i do right :(

    of course.. i stopped making any replies to the shouters and the bullies on facebook so i don’t see or hear from them much any more ;-)

    So far.. in spite of my nefarious reputation.. i have avoided having to ban anyone .. but as the campaign season heats up i am sure that will change .. i am far too pragmatic to be considered “pure” by anyone :(



    jo and jan: [hugs]

    all y’all should seriously look at cary moon’s web site. no corporate campaign donors and pro-labor. two of my identity politics boxes have been checked.

    and, yeah, seattle IS going to have a woman mayor. we’ve come a long way, baby. bertha landis – and every woman in this city – is finally vindicated. after 90 years, it’s almost funny.


    in the fall, if it looks like jenny durkan is ascendant, we need to support her; but we also need to demand that she supports a progressive agenda and be involved with district politics.

    whoever our next mayor is, she should put a check on rampant city give-aways to developers. put the financial burden where it belongs: back on the top 1%.



    i don’t think that’s on Jenny Durkan’s agenda
    i know it’s on Carey Moon’s but that part about limiting her campaign finances will more likely than not bite her where it hurts.. in the ballot box :(

    i know it shouldn’t.. but nothing i have seen tells me that it won’t :(

Viewing 9 posts - 51 through 59 (of 59 total)
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