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    my dogs are both purebred.

    i could have their papers if i simply bothered to pay for them.

    but i got them as rescues…

    and i don’t need or want their papers.

    i won’t be breeding them.

    if the breeder who bred either of my dogs had been more responsible, neither would have ended up as rescues.

    But, they weren’t, so one breeder passed along a dog with recognizable knee problems and the other one with thyroid issues.

    Add in a few bad owners along the way and these dogs became challenging at best.

    As long as there are irresponsible breeders..

    there will be too many rescue dogs.

    i applaud hopey for her efforts to breed dogs that aren’t likely to end up euthanized because no-one wants to take the time to deal with them.

    i wish the breeders who bred and sold my shibas had been half as responsible as she is.

Viewing 76 post (of 76 total)
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