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    Isn’t this place moderated? Never seen so much spam in one tiny place before.



    the current spam filter doesn’t filter it all out without filtering us too.. so the owners go in on a regular basis and clear it out by hand…

    at the moment they are somewhat busy manning a booth at the fest…

    the good news is that they are working on a huge upgrade that should eliminate the spam..

    the better news is that they are doing their best to make sure that the upgrade doesn’t cause new problems before releasing it…

    a little patience grasshopper… and scan down the right side with the poster’s name before opening posts…



    Someone recently pointed out that most of the spammers post different posts under the same name, so clicking “ignore” under their post will knock out a number of them at the same time (from being visible to you, anyway). Just now the names were different enough that I had to ignore about a dozen different names, but it usually does make it easier.



    In the meantime, open one and scroll down to ignore. Takes about 1 minute a day to clear them out. Thanks Jan!



    If you don’t clear it yourself, you only see a few real posts. I know it would be a full time job for the editors but it’s also frustrating for users to see it every day or have to manage it to be able to use the forum. Cut and paste from right now..

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    I apologize, but through Sunday, we are in residency at Summer Fest’s Info Booth, and we haven’t had the chance to go in every couple hours and clear it out as we do most days. I just finally got a chance, though we’re in hour 9 and a couple more hours to go for today. Appreciate your patience. – Tracy



    Thanks, WSB! No apologies necessary, IMHO.




    Smitty, my dear, it was my pleasure ….



    TR….I second what Mike said.

    to new and old forum posters…..patience is a virtue :D



    Are you afraid you are not getting your money’s worth???

    It’s free!!!

    TR…you rock.

    Is there a clinical term for those who feel compelled to complain about every single thing?



    One small data point – posting that list works against trying to get a handle on the spam as the spammers go searching for their topics and names.



    Sea Chanty 51…lol…now searching for that clinical term….:D The one’s I’ve come up with are really not the nicest, so I won’t mention them ;-)



    Jan…I had a few not-ready-for-prime-time terms come readily to mind also…but it was a rare occasion when I was able to restrain myself!! ;)



    Thanks for the criticism, pussy cat.

    Not worried about getting my money’s worth, just seeing this forum dominated by spam making it difficult to get to the real stuff so figured it was worth my while to ask the question.

    Looks like I’m not the only one:





    when the upgrade comes, which is in the near future, hopefully, it won’t be there anymore. I remember when this forum first started, you never saw spam, either…and then the world got more complicated…and technology…

    haven’t seen anything today…so far…:)



    That would be because I’ve deleted it. Starting at 3:45 am when we got up to write about the White Center murder. We’ve interviewed three more City Council candidates (long-form, on video) today, which has taken us offline for longer stretches than usual, so anything that’s popped up during the most recent one, I haven’t got to yet, but going in … TR



    white Center murder?

    and am i just not seeing the link to the White Center news?



    nevermind.. i found the info

    good thing to since a reminder of the fireworks was timely. tomorrow night?



    Yes, I should probably post a mention on WSB tonight… P.S. Just deleted another wave of spam, apologies in advance if it hits again while we are out between about 6 and 7:30 … it’s unpredictable to say the least.

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