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    Last week we had raccoons get into our trash can twice, before I put a bungee cord on to hold the lid down. This morning I noticed a neighbor’s can knocked over, and yesterday I saw another neighbor had a bungee cord on their can, which I assumed was to keep the critters out.

    Has anyone else in N. Admiral been having similar problems recently? We are on SW Grayson between 50th SW and 51st SW.

    Thank you.



    Don’t live in N. Admiral but it happens often in our neighborhood in Fauntlee Hills. We try to keep something on the lid to keep the critters out. Not fun to come out to garbage all over the alley.



    If you live within ten minute walk of a patch of trees, you have raccoons in your garbage. I’ve got a 20lb rock I use which often deters them but they don’t give up easily and have serious attitude. :-)


    2 Much Whine

    Wakeflood, folks on the blog can be a sensitive lot. You might want to clarify that you place the 20 pound rock on top of the lid of your garbage can to prevent them from getting in. You presumably DO NOT hurl it at them (which, if you did, could explain the serious attitude).



    Ha! Yes, thanks for the clarification, Whine!

    I could include that I learned that lesson many years ago in college. The varmints climbed up to the third floor deck to get to the bag of dog food. I caught ’em one night and threw a box of tissues at the big one.

    He was NOT amused.

    Next night, he went to the second floor deck, pulled the screen off the sliding glass door, pushed most of the planters off the rail, and rolled the empty keg into some pottery.

    I knew it was him cuz we got home just in time to hear the pot crashing and he and his partners in crime shuttled down the posts to the ground.

    All raccoons and I have had an uneasy truce since then… ;-)



    I live near the West Duwamish Greenbelt and Westcrest Park, so I see raccoons often. They always look very well-fed. We put our garbage out the morning of collection; so far they haven’t been bold enough to get into the cans during the day.

    Could be worse: we were camped at Cape Disappointment last fall and our neighbors two sites over had some raccoons get inside their car (where they were sleeping at the time) and raid their supplies!



    They have been knocking over cans in our neighborhood (near the Junction) for about a month or so now. In fact, I just picked up everyone’s cans this morning.

    We all have a short bungee though which works perfectly.



    @DaveB, we are in your area and were hit a few times over the past month as well. I’d go with the short bungees like Smitty recommended.



    A weird thing happened to me on my way to work yesterday – I live on the corner of 55th and Charlestown. Yesterday, I was heading south on 55th, took a left onto Genessee, and one block up, in the middle of the day (it was 11:30am), two big fat raccoons crossed from right to left. Ambling, and giving me the stink-eye for having to abruptly break to not run them over. I’ve not seen them out in broad daylight, so I was rather surprised. Anyway, that’s why I keep my kitties indoors!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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