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    Is there a place to board cats around anywhere? I’m thinking of taking a trip and don’t want to leave the cat at home alone. I’ve found a place to board the dog, but they aren’t able to take cats. I’d like to know what readers do with their kittens when they have to leave town for more than a day or so. Thanks –



    We have had family or friends take care of our cats and when they are not available we have used the boarding @ West Seattle Animal Hospital. Our daughter also pet sits for our neighbors.



    TanDL, if it is truly just for a weekend and your cats have no medical needs. Leave lots of water, and big bowls of food.

    If over 2 days, most pet sitting people are insured and at least they won’t get sick if they are boarded at a vets office. I know of several pet sitting people and they all have wonderful reputations.

    If you still don’t want people coming into your house well let me know.




    It’s easier on the cats to just leave them at home and have someone come in. We have been calling Sherry at CatSpa for years and she’s very good with our older kitties. She’ll do meds too.


    If you can’t or don’t want people to come in, Lien Animal Clinic does cat boarding. 206-932-1133.



    We always use JW Pet Care. 932-2076. I agree with the other posts. It is best when a cat can stay in their own home. I also feel that having someone that is bonded and licensed is important. I highly recommend them. It’s worth a call.



    Sherry from Catspa is WONDERFUL and has been in the business for Many years. If you still Need to board there is a Great place just across the bridge in the Mount Baker area.



    I’d also recommend that you leave your cats at home if at all possible. Cats like to be in a place they know. There’s also more possibility of infection in a place with a lot of strange cats.

    My cats loved Sherry from CatSpa, even the standoffish one. She leaves notes every day so you know what went on with your cats while you were gone.



    Thanks everyone. I’ll check into your recommendations.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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