FOLLOWUP: What ever happened to 35th/Graham signal?

That’s 35th/Graham, which was supposed to have a signal by now, but doesn’t. It’s been almost half a year since SDOT announced the start of improvements at the intersection for walking/biking – after deaths in both categories in the 2000s and 2010s. Most of the work is done, but not the signal. Andrew emailed the city and us, wondering what happened. We noted that the project website had been updated two weeks ago to say, “The final work at this intersection includes getting electrical power to the traffic signal and installing the detection in the street for recognizing when a person biking is waiting at the traffic light. Due to construction crew capacity, as well as COVID-19-related supply delays, we expect to complete this work in mid-October.” So, now it’s mid-October, and we asked SDOT today for a status report. The reply: “Last week, we received electrical power at the new signal location. We expect to install the new signal arms and turn on the signal in the next couple of weeks.” The signal was originally proposed as part of the 35th SW Safety Project but then was moved into the West Seattle Neighborhood Greenway extension.

2 Replies to "FOLLOWUP: What ever happened to 35th/Graham signal?"

  • Findlay October 18, 2021 (5:35 pm)

    Thanks! Was just wondering about this signal as I passed by yesterday. 

  • Jort October 19, 2021 (1:57 pm)

    I see that the supposedly mighty and all-powerful Bike Lobby™ (that seems to live much larger in people’s imaginations than in reality) is really pushing hard for SDOT to get this project constructed in … let’s see … six months? Weird, it’s almost like the city places street safety improvements for vulnerable road users at the bottom of its priority list nearly every time in favor of car projects. Weird! So much for the War on Cars, I guess!    

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