TODAY/TONIGHT: From parks to police, schools to sign-waving, and more

(One more look at that stormy Sunday sunset – photo by Mark Dale)

5 things happening today/tonight:

WEST SEATTLE YMCA REOPENS: First day for the Y’s Triangle facility, open Tuesday-Friday from 7-11 am and 3:30-7:30 pm and Saturdays from 10 am-2 pm, by reservation. The pool reopens one week from today. More info here. (3622 SW Snoqualmie)

DEMONSTRATION: All are invited, as announced by organizer Scott again this week:

Black Lives Matter sign-waving

Tuesday, Aug 18th, 4 to 6 pm, corner of 16th SW and SW Holden

Thursday, Aug 20th, 4 to 6 pm, 16th and Holden

SEATTLE PUBLIC SCHOOLS ‘TOWN HALL’: The district announced last night that the new school year will start for msot students on Friday, September 4th. Hear from Superintendent Denise Juneau in a live “town hall” online at 4:30 pm.

PARK BOARD MEETS WITH PARK DISTRICT OVERSIGHT BOARD: 6:30 pm online, with some big topics about Seattle Parks present and future – see the agenda here, including details on how to view/participate in the meeting.

TALK WITH/HEAR FROM WEST SEATTLE POLICE: 7 pm online, the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meets for the first time in six months – bring questions and concerns, and “meet” the new Southwest Precinct commander Capt. Kevin Grossman and operations Lt. Sina Ebinger. Attend via this link.

8 Replies to "TODAY/TONIGHT: From parks to police, schools to sign-waving, and more"

  • A~ August 18, 2020 (9:56 am)

    Hello! It looks like the Teams link to the WSCPC might be invalid? But it could also be user error! Thanks!

    • WSB August 18, 2020 (10:14 am)

      I just tried it again and it works for me, should take you to a page with three options to join. If it still doesn’t work for you, try emailing SW Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator Jennifer Danner, who’s facilitating, and maybe she can try sending you a link directly. BTW I already asked and she says there’s no dial-in link for this – TR

  • mem August 18, 2020 (10:09 am)

    Any idea on when parks will resume maintenance? The paths have become overgrown and with walking one of our few activities these past few months…..

  • John August 18, 2020 (12:57 pm)

    Timely for the Parks Board is the ongoing illegal tree removal and tree topping in ECA designated Steep Slope and Slide of the Seattle Parks’ Greenbelt below Sunset Ave SW

    • WSB August 18, 2020 (1:23 pm)

      Can’t tell which area you are referring to, but if it’s near Sunset atop Bonair, there is an easement.

    • Sean mccarthy August 18, 2020 (2:48 pm)

      This area is at the top of Bonair.  To the north In the Greenbelt below sunset.  in the 1600 block. It’s not the usual tree topping for views. They have taken out several healthy Mature trees. Maples, alders, etc. the slope is steep. The rules are strict. For good reason. The city was sued by condo owners below The Greenbelt in the 90s because the entire hillside slid and destroyed condominiums On Alki. Their lawsuit claimed that the city did not manage the Greenbelt in a way that was safe for the private property owners below and  were liable for the damages. they won. There is an access road that was built and a giant culvert put in. To direct water off the hill.  They planted  conifers and other indigenous plants to stabilize the hillside. The taxpayers paid millions of dollars to mitigate the damage to condo owners and prevent further slides. This tree cutting they are doing now goes against every single rule that they have regarding Maintaining hillside stability. The professional arborist heading the work told me what he was doing went against everything he learned in school in regards to tree health and maintenance, and guidelines of steep slope pruning. 

      • McBride August 18, 2020 (5:52 pm)

        Public comment (2 minutes) is available to any member of the public that signs up. If you’d like to share this information with the Seattle Parks Deputy Superintendent (Christopher Williams) directly, this seems like a good opportunity.

        • JOHN August 19, 2020 (12:25 pm)

          Thank you McBride.  I did exactly that last night.  Christopher confirmed the illegal practice.  I was cut off before my 2 minutes were up when attempting to ask him how many of these secret agreements exist.  I  followed up with emails today.This is all a week after the Parks Department was cited in violation of Seattle Requirements in the demolition of the home adjacent to the Orchard Street Ravine Park.  Neighbors complained about the cloud of dust without water mitigation of the century old house. The Parks Dept had submitted plans for removing the structure without harming trees or encroaching into Park Steep Slope.  Instead, they obliterated the exceptional tree protection with debris,ran over the construction area fencing and bulldozed  straight down the Parks hillside, destroying all plants in a wide swath.

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