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West Seattle snow update: Late-night shower

ORIGINAL 10:59 PM REPORT: Via Twitter and Facebook, we’ve been watching word of snow heading this way … now there’s first word of a West Seattle snow sighting; on FB, Dartanyon reports flurries in the Delridge area. 11:48 PM UPDATE: And we’re seeing a notable snow shower in Upper Fauntleroy. 12:13 AM UPDATE: Added a brief video clip from the height of that snow/ice shower – the sound is even more interesting than the video – the grains (?) were icy enough to make noise as they hit the ground, the car, the plants … what you see silhouetted against the light and the snow, by the way, is a honeysuckle that had started sprouting its first leaves of the year. Oops. 1:21 AM UPDATE: Still quiet. We’ll be on live weather watch for the commute just in case of road ice, more snow, etc.; meantime, here’s the latest forecast, and also, if you’re looking for overnight reading, West Seattle poet Carol Smith sent some verse reminiscing not-so-fondly about that last snowy blast:Read More

Update: Status of future parkland @ West Seattle Reservoir


That photo was provided last year by Dina Johnson of the Highland Park Action Committee, before work began in earnest on the project to underground West Seattle Reservoir (surrounded by Westcrest Park). Eventually, part of the resulting greenspace is to become more parkland; at this week’s HPAC meeting, chair Dan Mullins said he’s working to get an official Parks Department presentation on the project lined up for a future HPAC meeting (as he’s since noted the levy passed last year; here’s an update from Parks spokesperson Dewey Potter:

It is a named project in the 2008 Levy, and as such will take place within the next six years. Parks will not have any levy funding in hand until King County collects first quarter 2009 property tax receipts, so we will have our first dollars in April … Mayor Nickels is working to speed up some projects under the banner of “Seattle Jobs Forward” consistent with the stimulus. To that end, Parks is moving forward on “shovel-ready” levy projects with funds from the Cumulative Reserve Subfund and will reimburse it with Levy funds when they are in hand.

We are also working on the levy implementation plan the City Council has asked for, and it will include needed staffing (very little, since some staff people who worked on 2000 Pro Parks Levy projects are still on board), a plan for going out to all neighborhood district councils to present what’s in the levy, public workshops, getting the citizen Levy Oversight Committee up and running, and creating a timeline for the named projects over the life of the levy. (As you probably know, with a bond issue the City borrows all the money up front and pays it back over the life of the bonds, and with a levy the money comes in quarterly over the life of the levy).

So, we don’t yet know when the reservoir project will take place, and we have not yet assigned a planner to it. We will have the community workshops in the upcoming months, and we will publicize them widely. Folks can also keep an eye on the fledgling 2008 Levy web page:, which will be updated constantly.

Friday night at Twilight in The Junction: Zine release party!

West Seattle’s arts scene just keeps growing. This Friday night at Twilight, add literature to the mix:

The MySpace site for XVIII describes it as “a brand-new literary journal based out of but not confined to Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood … to connect the general community of Seattle with the literary community of Seattle.” With an Easy Street After Hours show next door, Friday night will really jump in The Junction.

West Seattle Weather Watch: Snow possible, post-midnight

February 25, 2009 5:14 pm
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So says the latest forecast. Weather star Cliff Mass thinks “nothing significant.” But he and other sources all note there’s some already up in Whatcom County (traffic cam here). 7:10 PM UPDATE: From WSDOT via Twitter, it’s snowing in Olympia.

Morgan Junction park-naming process officially launched

We’ve reported previously about a community effort to get the under-construction Morgan Junction park (2/19/09 photo above) named in honor of the late veteran West Seattle Herald reporter Tim St. Clair, including a petition drive that’s just getting under way (WSB coverage, with downloadable petition form, here). Now, the Parks Department has just sent its official news release announcing the start of the naming process for this park (and another one in North Seattle) – read on:Read More

Update: Grandson charged in Fauntleroy/Dawson murder

gavel.jpgJust in from King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office spokesperson Dan Donohoe: “Dion Fillmore was charged today with murder in the second degree for the death of his grandmother on February 13 in West Seattle. He remains in the King County Jail on $1 million bail. Arraignment is scheduled for March 5.” Last week, Fillmore was charged in an unrelated assault case (WSB report here). His grandmother, 70-year-old Lavon Barrett, was found strangled, stabbed, beaten, and “stomped on” (according to the autopsy) in her Fauntleroy/Dawson (map) apartment building the night of February 13th; Fillmore, who’s 21, was arrested the next day. Court documents filed in connection with the second-degree murder charge say evidence against Fillmore includes blood on his clothing with DNA matching the victim.

Welcome to a new WSB sponsor: Malinda, LMP (special offer!)

Please welcome one of our newest sponsors, Malinda Newstrom, LMP. She offers in-home massage appointments in West Seattle and neighboring communities. She thinks receiving a massage is a key to replenishing and healing the whole person. Malinda was trained at Brenneke School of Massage. The school is known nationwide for its wide range of social, medical, clinical, and physical instructions. To introduce her services, and as a benefit to WSB readers, Malinda is offering a *50% discount on a one-hour Deep Swedish massage* for first-time customers who mention WSB when booking. She also offers discounted gift certificates and customers rewards for any referals. You can book your appointments on-line. Malinda has partnered with Full Slate, a Seattle-based company (co-founded by West Seattleite Bill Lange) that enables online appointment booking. Book online (here’s the link) and enter “WSB” in the comment field to receive an *additional $10 off* any treatment booked before February 28, 2009. WSB welcomes Malinda to our sponsor lineup, which you can see on this page, where you’ll also find information on how to become part of it!

Concerned about public health $? Tell the County Council

February 25, 2009 2:11 pm
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Regardless of whether you live inside or outside city limits, the future of King County Public Health affects you. The funding concerns were among the issues we discussed with County Council Chair Dow Constantine in our interview after his County Executive candidacy announcement recently, and we’ll discuss it with his opponent Larry Phillips later this week. Now comes word they and their council colleagues will take it up at a Town Hall meeting next week – read on:Read More

Anybody in the marrying mood? Do it onstage at The Admiral

Originally from the WSB Forums: The Admiral Theater has a sing-along presentation of “Mamma Mia” (trailer above) coming up March 14th, and entertainment director Dinah Brein McClellan is offering a free minister and a fun venue to a couple that would mirror the movie by getting married onstage at the showing. Interested? E-mail her: – or call 938-0785.

The search for Pogo the missing Papillon: Latest from her family

Wanted to be sure you saw what Betsy Hoffmeister posted last night as a comment on the original WSB report about Pogo, her missing Papillon, who bolted after a bath last Friday night and has been the subject of an extraordinary search, which tracked her as far as High Point till the trail grew cold:

I went up to Westcrest Tuesday from 9:30-10:00 and 4:45-6:00 pm at West Crest Off Leash Dog Areas, looking at both the small and large dog areas. I talked to probably 60 people. None of them had seen her. They are all now looking. Volunteers have started to put up signs. Jeanette Fournier of the High Point Neighborhood Association was FABULOUS and spent 1/2 hour with me helping spread the word in the High Point Neighborhood.

I have filed a police report.

According to the Harry Oakes, Jr., of International K9 Search and Rescue Services, who tracked her with his amazing search dog Willow up to the High Point Library in the first place: “If the person who takes possession of your pet refuses or fails to file a found report, this constitutes, “Theft of personal property”. This is a crime. A police officer has the responsibility to take a crime report and investigate the crime.”

I believe that the two families who tried to help her on Friday and Saturday were well intentioned and wanted to do the right thing. For whatever reason they did not follow through. Whether it was just bad timing or what. I’m very disappointed but I believe they were doing their best.

The person who has her now cannot have made an effort to find out if she is a pet or not. If he had taken her to a vet, he would have found out that she is microchipped. Every vet in the area has her information. And, since the microchip company is now alerted that she is missing, if her chip is scanned, I will be alerted, even if she shows up in Cowlitz County or Tallahassee, Florida.

I am willing to give this person the benefit of the doubt that they are somehow taking good care of her and they sincerely think they are doing the right thing. I am willing to keep an open mind. But, at this point, my dog could be considered stolen property.

If you see her, here is what I would ask you to do. First, please call her name. It’s Pogo, as in Pogo stick. She may or may not respond. If she comes to you, pick her up. Call me right away. 206 353 9334. If you feel safe and comfortable talking to the person with her, please do so. If the person is confrontational, please do what you need to do to feel safe. But if you feel confident in doing so, here’s what I would do: please tell the person that you have reason to believe that this is a highly-sought missing dog and you would like to help him do the right thing to return the dog for the rightful reward. I will rush over there.

If things get confrontational, feel free to call 9-1-1. There is an open file on her, all of the officers in West and South Seattle are looking for her. If they’re not off doing something more important, someone may respond.

Most important is your personal safety, but, if you feel safe enough, please, I beg of everyone out there, do not let her get away again. I can’t stand much more of this.

Finally, I want to thank EVERYONE who has sent positive thoughts and wishes. I don’t have room in my space for negativity right now. Please tell absolutely everyone you know about Pogo.

West Seattle Fashion Show (and fundraiser) in the works!

Thanks to everyone who sends in event announcements – their main home on WSB is the West Seattle-wide Events calendar (with listings now stretching on into fall), but as often and possible, when something unusual comes in, we do our best to mention it here too, like this: Here’s an announcement just received for the West Seattle Fashion Show, less than two weeks away:

The historic Sanctuary at Admiral (2656 42nd Avenue SW) will be the
venue for the upcoming West Seattle Fashion Show on Sunday, March 8,
2009 from 2 pm to 5 pm. Light refreshments will be provided.

Admission for this teens-and-older event is $10 plus a donation of
canned or packaged food. Portions of the proceeds and the donated
food will be given to the West Seattle Food Bank. Helping neighbors
during the local economic downturn is the impetus for the fundraising
and the fashion show focus adds a fun element for the attendees.

The event sponsors are West Seattle businesses – Designer Labels
Consignment Boutique, the Sanctuary at Admiral, Clementine (shoe
shop), Elliot Hair Salon, Small Clothes (kids re-sale, Coffee to a Tea
w/ Sugar and Herban Feast Catering.

Clothing for the fashion show will be provided by Designer Labels and
available for purchase. Other shop sponsors will have merchandise for
sale as well.

West Seattle Weather Watch: Snow “showers” still possible

February 25, 2009 10:41 am
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Here’s the latest “forecast discussion” from the National Weather Service, with the possibility of snow showers tomorrow. Weather star Cliff Mass hasn’t posted an update yet today but wasn’t too worried about it last night; he’s speaking at Town Hall downtown tonight, by the way.

Another West Seattle “open house” tonight: Sound Transit

If you use Sound Transit Route 560 (or other ST express buses), you should know the ST bus system is looking at changes (detailed here) as the first leg of Link light rail comes on board. You can get a closer look at the systemwide changes, and put in your two cents, during an “open house” at the Senior Center of West Seattle tonight, 5-7 pm.

Followup: Last chance for autism-insurance bill to advance

Sunday night, we brought you the story of Allison Dennis, a West Seattle mom whose son Jack (photo left) is autistic, campaigning to get a bill mandating insurance coverage of autism treatment — Shayan’s Law — through the Legislature. Allison says the bill is on the brink of death unless action is taken today:

Senator Karen Keiser, chair of the Senate Health Care Committee, has today to call SB5203 up for a vote in an executive session or it dies.

Shayan’s Law (SB5203) offers protection against the prevalent insurance coverage denials of medically necessary treatments for children on the autism spectrum at an identical cost to Washington State as the Neuro-Developmental Therapies (NDT) bill [HB1412] that proposes to do the same, but falls short due to insurance coverage loopholes within the bill. The insurance industry has carefully crafted provisions that render the NDT bill utterly meaningless for all developmentally disabled individuals who need services, not just the ones on the Autism Spectrum. The influence of the insurance industry is allowing the NDT bill to gain traction on the House side.

Ultimately, states pay in cases of untreated or undertreated populations and SB5203 puts the cost of health care back where it belongs. Shayan’s Law will hold insurance companies accountable for covering diagnosis and medically necessary, evidence based treatment of autism. Under Shayan’s Law, insurers will not be able to get out of accepting their share of this devastating medical condition, as they have been for years here in Washington and around the nation.

It is unthinkable that our lawmakers would choose less protection for the same cost to the state (NDT bill), especially in the current economic crisis. Eight states have passed Autism Insurance Reform similar to Shayan’s Law and 32 more have taken it up this year. We want the same protection for our children. Now more than ever, our state needs relief from the societal costs when children don’t get the intervention they need. Now more than ever, our children need these benefits.

As a Washington voter, I expect fiscally responsible decision making that will yield significantly lower societal costs of autism. SB5203 is an opportunity that Washington State lawmakers cannot afford to pass up. I urge anyone similarly concerned to call Karen Keiser and ask that SB5203 be put to an executive session vote. The deadline for a vote is the 25th – today. Please take part in the legislative process. Grassroots efforts do work and voter participation does make a difference! Her number is 360-786-7664.

West Seattle’s 34th District State Senator Joe McDermott is a co-sponsor of SB5203, but this district’s two State Representatives, Eileen Cody and Sharon Nelson, are supporting the “NDT bill” (HB1412) that Dennis and other autism advocates say has too many loopholes.

One more good deed by local Girl Scouts: Disease-fighting “kits”

Following our visit to West Seattle Girl Scouts’ cookie-case-sorting operation on Saturday, we found out a lot more about what the local Scouts are up to (including this). Now there’s one more event we wanted to share with you, because this one could use your help too: Tuesday night at Holy Rosary, more than two dozen Girl Scouts got together to put together AIDS- and malaria-fighting kits to send overseas, as part of the GS “World Thinking Day,” which had as its 2009 goal for “girls worldwide to say ‘we can stop the spread of AIDS, malaria, and other diseases’.” Fifth-grader Caroline Rouse worked to organize the project, as we learned when we met Caroline and her mom at the cookie loading dock; last night, she led her fellow Scouts in a game as part of the event:

The kits (which include items such as malaria-fighting mosquito netting) cost about $30 each to put together. Girl Scouts from all over West Seattle have been chipping in to buy them, but you can help too – some local businesses and other organizations already have — just e-mail to say you’d like to donate. Meantime, we’re glad to share what YOUR organization – kids OR adults – is up to, whether it’s an event listing or a heads-up about something like this; e-mail WSB at any time (or if you’d prefer a different contact method, all of ours are listed here).