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West Seattle Gas Price Watch: The 7-week comparison

7 weeks ago, we took a baseline check arco.jpgof the regular/premium prices at every gas station in West Seattle, when it looked like prices were about to start another relatively steep rise. Tonight, we went back for another WS-wide survey, calishell.jpgjust to take more of a macro look at what’s happened in those seven weeks. The lowest price for regular is still where it usually is, Arco at Delridge/Orchard ($3.47, left, up 22 cents in 7 weeks); the highest price is at the Shell on California in Morgan Junction ($3.71, right, up 24 cents in 7 weeks); and one gas price in WS has passed $4 (premium at Admiral Chevron, $4.05, up 22 cents). Here’s the full survey, regular and premium prices at each station, listed lowest-to-highest, followed by where that station was seven weeks ago:Read More

Be a Master of Disaster: One must-have item

April 20, 2008 9:00 pm
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When we dropped by the Morgan Junction “get to know your neighborhood gathering place in case of catastrophe” table at Thriftway this afternoon, one of the items Cindi Barker (right, with Helen Daniel) showed us really caught our eye, and she says it had many table visitors abuzz too: The Duracell 3-in-1 hand-crank light/radio/charger:


We have a hand-crank light/radio around here somewhere, but the charger is a new and welcome addition — this sort of gizmo would cover you in a true regional catastrophe. Cindi says she found the Duracell 2-pack for $12 at Costco; we’re going to check local hardware stores – also found a variety of similar items online by several different manufacturers. Meantime, next scheduled disaster-prep-info site/time is for Junction-area residents, at Ercolini Park, 10 am-2 pm next Sunday; check this map for the location or for a place/time nearer your home.

West Seattle Crime Watch: 2 break-ins with unusual loot

From the P-I: 32nd SW burglar(s) made off with $7,500 in athletic shoes.

From CL: Laptop stolen from a car in The Junction, but the owner doesn’t care so much about the laptop, just really needs the accompanying hard-to-replace notebook back.

More “West Seattle 101”: 2 places, 2 types of history

April 20, 2008 1:51 pm
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bookcover1.jpgOne month since we debuted a new WSB section — featuring (note the “tab” link on our header) stories from the popular book “West Seattle 101” by Lori Hinton. lorimugshot.jpgWe’re continuing to add to the list of “West Seattle 101” stories available on WSB: today, we’ve added two more, both fun places to go and both deeply linked to West Seattle history: the Log House Museum on Alki, and Husky Deli in The Junction. You can find all nine “West Seattle 101” features published here so far by going to the WS 101 on WSB “home page”; more to come!

One Alki afternoon: Enraptured by a raptor


Thanks to David Hutchinson for sharing that photo of a bald eagle he and his wife saw in the “tall tree” near 61st/Alki on Friday afternoon, not far from the Statue of Liberty (now wouldn’t THAT be a photo op someday, if an eagle ever alighted ON the statue …).

Happening today: Be a Master of Disaster in Morgan Junction

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This map shows the first seven spots around West Seattle designated as neighborhood gathering places in case disaster strikes and normal lines of communication aren’t working; this is where you would go for information and help. As part of a neighborhood-group-led process for the next month or so, each spot (and a couple more yet to be firmed up) will have a date set when volunteers will set up a table for you to come visit and pick up information to help keep your family safe. The next such event is TODAY, at the designated Morgan Junction gathering place — West Seattle Thriftway — 11 am-4 pm.

West Seattle Farmers’ Market: What to expect today

April 20, 2008 5:31 am
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From West Seattle Farmers’ Market organizers, the latest list of what you can expect to find (10 am-2 pm, SE corner of Alaska/44th):Read More

Breaking news: Reader reports of shots fired @ 17th/Trenton

Just got three messages about this in rapid succession: Shots fired and police searching in a Westwood neighborhood. (location map) Here’s one note:

Heard multiple rounds of gunshots interspersed with several people yelling outside. Called the police, who reported other calls had been received for same disturbance. Have yet to see any signs of the police- however can still hear some yelling. Curious if anyone has any details on exactly what is going on/happened- or if police responded.

That reader mentioned 17th/Cloverdale as the location; this next note has more details:

MANY gun shots were just fired in association with a house party at a notorious drug/party rental house. There are at least 5 police cars on the scene right now. 17th & Trenton. The house is (in the 8600 block of) 17th Ave SW. This is the 3rd police activity at the residence in the past year.

And here’s the third note received:

About 11:40 pm this evening there were about 12 shots fired. Directly after the shots were fired two cars sped north on 17th. Police responded right away. There were several police cars on our block investigating the scene. Just an FYI. It was rather frightening.

Monitoring the scanner now, will update if anything more comes in about this. (Likely unrelated but a WS police team has just been dispatched to a report of a “large group” fighting outside Morgan Junction Tully’s.)