Tunes from Delridge

Another blustery-day webfind: guy in Delridge touting his band Swampdweller’s new CD out @ Easy Street. (UPDATE: Two links removed after reader reports of virus trouble. If you have a Mac — ours didn’t have any trouble with the links — and you want to check them out, just go to Google Blog Search and look for Swampdweller.)

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  • Sue March 12, 2007 (10:14 am)

    Don’t know if this is a coincidence or what, but right after I went to that guy’s website, my computer was hit with a nasty little virus that took 2 of my work IT guys an hour to try and get rid of.

  • Administrator March 12, 2007 (10:31 am)

    Oh ouch. We usually do our blog stuff on a Mac so we unfortunately would generally be oblivious to such things. Hope it was just a coincidence, but if anyone else reports something of the kind, we’ll kill the link.

  • Chet Desmond March 12, 2007 (10:33 am)

    must be a blues band

  • The House March 12, 2007 (11:00 am)

    My software blocked the virus, but yes it appears that there is a virus associated with that site.

  • Chet Desmond March 12, 2007 (11:48 am)


  • Sue March 12, 2007 (12:03 pm)

    House, mine said that it blocked the virus, but then strange things start happening a short while later (like being offered a program to clean up adult sites on my computer that looked like it came from Microsoft) and then having porn sites pop up, which is great for the office. :)

  • Chris March 12, 2007 (12:04 pm)

    Swampdweller can also be heard online at in their archives. They’re a really great band! If I had the money, I’d buy!

  • Ms_F March 13, 2007 (3:28 am)

    Wow… my computer also seems to have been infected by some sort of virus, and I think it could have been around the time I pulled up the link above (thank goodness for my laptop backup computer). Unfortunately I AM my work’s IT guy (being neither a guy, nor very effective as a computer problem trouble-shooter). Therefore, the computer is off to be repaired tomorrow. Along those lines, can anyone recommend a great resource in West Seattle? I was going to take it to Computer Solutions Service in the Morgan Junction. Any comments on them?

  • Chet Desmond March 13, 2007 (7:35 am)

    My real estate agent recommended quid nunc in the Alaska Junction one time but I can’t give them or anyone else a personal recommendation.

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