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    Hi there.

    I’ve got a daughter entering kindergarten this year and am wondering if anyone has any experience with the Stem school at Boren yet? We’ve heard a lot about Pathfinder and Schmitz Park (our neighborhood school) but haven’t been able to get a lot of info about Stem. So any info, good or bad, would be greatly appreciated!




    We love it! Great community, REALLY great teachers. It’s new and sometimes it requires patience (like we just have a playground!), but it’s super exciting too to be a part of something that is so good. We are really happy with the teachers and curriculum. has a lot of info on it. Happy to arrange a tour if you want to come by (e-mail



    Cadbury, We LOVE the STEM school. I have a kindergartener this year. I can’t say enough about the teachers, and staff. Patience is a good thing too. We are new, and fabulous. I was leery because it didn’t have a track record, but everything is looking good.



    Cadbury – I have a 2nd grader who was at Gatewood for 2 years before STEM. He loves the curriculum and especially the hands-on, group learning. the uniforms also work really well in our house. I’m not sure what information you were looking for specifically but the PTA website has some great information about the Curriculum, Project Based Learning here and Current After School offerings here. Email our president if you have more specific questions.



    I have a kindergartner at STEM and I’m happy we took the plunge “into the unknown”. I’m constantly singing the praises of our K teacher and the rest of the dedicated staff, this school is doing cool stuff. I should say they’re doing cool stuff with what they have – the school district has been slow to follow through with some of its promises (like wsmama3 said, for instance, we just got a playground, and wifi is still on the way…). My kid is more of an artistic type, and I wondered how he’d responded to STEM project based learning. It turns out he’s super excited about science (his favorite subject) and reading. in other words the STEM curriculum is reaching more than the just Lego maniac kids. Diversity is important to our family and STEM seems more diverse than our reference school – a big plus for us. The uniforms are easy and feel purposeful – I’m really glad the Design Team established that policy. My favorite aspect is the community. I didn’t expect to make such good friends but the feeling of welcome and belonging is strong. We’ve taken this plunge together and are building a strong school.

    Others have listed the PTA site, you may also want to search on WSB for discussions about K5 STEM. Many people have written their sentiments on the forums and main page comments.



    Thanks for the feedback! Sounds like it might be a good fit for our daughter. We are taking a tour tomorrow. And thanks wsmama3 for setting that up.



    We love STEM. We too were leery about taking the plunge in to unknown territory. We Love all the staff and the education they are getting is great! I have heard the K teacher is awesome. Our daughter is in 1st grade but is always talking about her. :) I also LOVE the uniform! I think STEM is off to great start and will continue to improve every day! Good Luck!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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