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    One literature says 80% of raccoons in WA state has round worm in their feces, the eggs can be carried by the air, if inhaled by human , they tend to gravitate to the brain and feed on brain tissue. Therefore it is lethal.



    I like raccoons. Sorry you have so much trouble with them. They are part of our urban environment.I am really not worried about flying worm eggs….Probably the neighbor that feeds them is the attraction.People should not feed them.



    Dogs and cats carry them. If you own a dog, you increase your chance of infection.

    About 14% of Americans are infected.




    Read the CDC report. No one is getting their brain eaten by airborne roundworm. You are stressing and panicking and spending your money on a non-problem. Leave the critters alone, leave the toxins alone. You’ll be happier and the little wood critters will be happier.




    Human infection of B. procyonis has been relatively rare, with about 13 cases reported since 1980.



    my advice:

    keep your gut healthy & your immune system will be strong. a healthy gut can maintain your resistance to most parasites. all the ancient medicinal ways follow this approach of gut-first, & in 460BC Old Hippocrites said this: “all disease begins in the gut” that’s powerful truth.

    human beings evolved in contact, not isolation, with wild creatures. LONG ago we evolved the tolerance in fact we need many micro-organisms from wildlife, if not humans would have become extinct. problem is: our modern lifestyle is blocking our natural evolution.

    best way to start getting a healthy gut is to eat nutrient-dense whole foods, eliminating all sugars and refined processed ingredients and trans-fats. look up “anti-inflammatory” diet, for more info.



    lisa, your paranoia is far more dangerous than any raccoon. So far, you’ve initiated 3 separate postings on the same topic. You’ve admitted to dumping large amounts of toxic chemicals all around your property, even admitting that the fumes made you sick. Yet you’re obsessed with a few worm eggs in poop? You’re poisoning the environment and creating a dangerous situation for your neighbors, pets, and other wildlife – such as songbirds. We live in a watershed, and all those liquid chemicals (including CLOROX for God’s sake!)will make their way into the groundwater and eventually to Puget Sound. If you don’t stop this insanity, I hope one of your neighbors reports your toxic dumping.




    I have plenty of Strongid for you for free, it treats ROUNDWORMS. doesn’t taste bad either.

    I am sure you can figure how to get a hold of me.

    dhg and anonyme good posts.




    I’ve attached some definitive literature on roundworm infestation below. If you’re eating the dirt and looking for ways of infesting yourself, I suggest you see your local vet.


    As for the chemical “solutions”. Sounds like you’re doing a great job of making yourself sick and poisoned, have at it.

    Unless of course, this is just a troll and therefore you’re a waste of time and effort.



    It might be too late. It sounds like the roundworms have already migrated to the brain and are feeding on the tissue…


    Genesee Hill

    Hopefully raccoon coats will make a comeback. I hear Justin Bieber is giving his mom one for Christmas.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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