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    We seem to have a little mole or gopher living in our yard. At first it seemed like no big deal, but the grass is getting ruined. Has anyone had success removing them? Any DIY tips or professional recommendations?



    With several decades of experience, my opinion is that the Victor trap is the only effective way of removing moles. Mole bombs, castor oil, and other remedies might, emphasize “might”, discourage them for a while, but they will be back. And, the really sad news is that if you catch this one, another one will move in to this tunnel system in the future. By the way, under a State law which was aimed at prohibiting live-trapping of larger animals, this mole trap is illegal to use, but not to sell. A nasty neighbor could turn you in!!!



    Crush up a glass bottle and (carefully) cram it down one of the more recent holes. They almost always come back, and when they do they will get cut and die (their blood does not clot).

    Anything other than that just pushes the problem to someone else.

    That said, in West Seattle at least – the “moles > people” and “moles were here first” crowd is pretty big, so best to do this at night so as not to get scowled at. Having a lawn is bad enough as it is – you should have rocks! ;~)



    moles are very annoying; but they can be habitual creatures. if you have patience and a good shovel you can take care of via concussion. watch for the mound to start moving and then whack. good luck



    Urban: I remember as a kid (my dad was a Master Gardener so no chemicals allowed ) we had moles for awhile and then he found “mole plants”, caper spurge officially, I never noticed another mole after he planted and we lived in the same house for 29 years.

    He still gets some volunteers yearly as they reseed prolifically.

    WS: On a side note, I’ve never seen a more hysterical scene as a kid than when I watched my mom hack the living daylights out of a mole hole when she just so happened to see the hill move while she had a long-handled garden claw in her hands — she looked like a woman possessed, I can still see it in mind.



    And so whack-a-mole olympics begins. My dog has dug a huge trench by my back porch. I suspect the mole noises were slowly driving him insane via his bionic ears. I will try plant remedy first then slowly ratchet up, if need be. Thanks for info.




    Okay, first I’ll make some clay models of all involved woodland creatures. Thanks for the video instructions, DBP.



    Get a Mole plant. The liquid in the roots keeps them out of the yard. I have never had mole problems because of this plant.


    Naneki Akamai

    I counted 15 holes in my backyard yesterday! I had gotten rid of them for a year by pouring used kitty litter in the holes but now they are back. Those pesky vermin are not afraid of the dog or the cats.

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