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    Just saw this on facebook.

    What a great idea.

    JoB, have you heard of this? I thought of your Shibas when I saw this.



    I saw this awhile back and while I like the idea my concern is that most people will not know what it means. The most dog savy may, but those are usually the folks that can read body language well and will respect that space anyway.


    tom kelley

    I stopped going to the off-leash because small, suicidal dogs would behave agressively towards my dog. And, of course, being a Rottweiler she was always in the wrong. I think Lena is spot-on when stating that few people know about this.



    I like the idea of the yellow bow but I too don’t think that people will know what it means – especially like the ones that can’t read body language. Two separate men with their dogs keep walking up on me when I’m walking my pitbull and yorkie. The funny thing is – the yorkie is the suicidal one that is aggressive and the pitbull just wants to play – until the yorkie really gets going. Then he gets a little more serious. I always cross the street when I can but geeze… please stop walking up on me :(

    tom kelley – And unfortunately I won’t take my pit to the dog part either. I would by himself but am always worried that because he’s a pit…. you can fill in the blanks. Wish we had a big dog park with dog owners that are responsible but know how big dogs play…


    tom kelley

    I’m not certain, SJoy, but I thing there is a small dog area at the off-leash but small dog owners don’t use it.



    I was just trying to get the word out so more people can learn about this.


    Thanks pigeonmom, great idea and definitely needs more coverage!



    Best bet is to assume that any dog that is unknown to you “needs space”.




    i think it is a great idea..

    i would like to see yellow harnass/vests with a caution symbol on the side…



    I LIKE this idea. Hours after reading it for the first time, I met a ‘loner’ dog(as described by his owner) and told him about the yellow ribbon idea. He liked it too. I’m going to get some yellow ribbon to hand out to those who might use it…the idea will spread if we let others know…my dog will not be using one, but it will help to know that other dogs we see on walks would prefer not to meet!



    Thanks for helping to get the word out. :-D


    tom kelley


Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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