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    If you shop there, you know where I’m going with this… I gave them time. I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I waited for things to “gel” after the remodel, BUT, I think it was a fail. Not biggest of the world’s problems right now, but whoever Metropolitan Market hired for this makeover doesn’t do the family shopping. Besides the layout, being chaotic, there some issues that should be addressed like the lack of labels and ingredient data. And there’s the bread section with a piece of machinery in the corner. A piece of machinery that requires operating caution placard probably isn’t the wisest thing to put out for public use. Yes, I have approached the staff. They have been responsive to my comments, but there seems to be a larger issue of how the overall operation is being run; with seemingly a lack of direction. PCC is closing soon. They need to bring their game up a notch. Not down. Waddya think?



    Can you be specific about the labels and ingredient data? I haven’t noticed that.

    Overall, I think it was a wash. More 10-items-or-less cashiers seem to be available most of the time and the lines seem to move a bit more quickly overall, but none of the new quick service additions that I’ve tried (e.g. the pizza) are that great, and the rearrangement of the produce and deli sections didn’t really help me find anything more quickly (nor hurt for that matter). The movement of the coffee bar doesn’t make sense to me.



    I miss the fresh tossed salads. Was very disappointed to find that they were no longer offering them.



    The pizza slices are actually one of the highlights for us, as long as they change them up periodically.
    I have to agree about the poor location of some items, such as breads. I’m also annoyed that they reduced the number of produce options — instead of having both an organic choice and a non-organic choice, now there is usually only one or the other for many produce items.
    On the plus side, they didn’t put in any of those self checkout lanes, which I despise at safeway, QFC, and even PCC.



    I’ve been waiting for this thread. I recently stopped shopping at met mart after 15 years. I’m frankly surprised at how much the remodel bothers me (and my husband). They have doubled the display of high margin items while reducing the number and variety of overall items. I saw three separate places displaying champagne (a whole “brunch” shelf display??). But when I asked where the squashes were (Delicata, spaghetti, butternut, etc.), I was sent to a box outside in the snow/rain. No more conventionally-grown produce, and the produce is just BAD quality now. They appear to have let go many of the staff I loved seeing. They’ve raised prices and the new prepared food is just terrible. The ramen almost made me cry. I tried to complain and got no satisfaction. I had to dodge a huge obviously-not-service dog a few weeks ago. I’m so sad, but I’m getting used to Safeway.



    I was assuming the remodel isn’t done yet? There are a couple of places (near the produce and the bread location) that I was told by staff are not permanent changes. Many of the changes I love (hot service and cheese display). However, I have noticed that the hot buffet is a terrible use of space, it crowds easily and many foods don’t have labels on them and are left empty. I will say they are likely marketing to the rush crowd, it’s really busy at dinnertime with people picking up ready-made food.



    I agree about the bread location – it’s awkward and not remotely intuitive. I’ve never liked the produce section design, but now that they’ve reduced the selection of produce it’s even less appealing. I still like the staff though.



    I shop for 1 – clearly not Met’s target market. Packaged to go foods are supersized now. Deli counter help is either absent or turned away from the customer side of the case. I miss the fresh tossed salads. The same food seems to be repeated across the deli case, cold bar, hot bar and packaged case. Prices are higher than ever. We are a captive market and Met management knows it.



    I have to agree with the not liking the new produce section and loss of fresh, ready-made salads.

    However have enjoyed the ready-to-eat meal items and the fact that less time is spent at check-out.



    I’m a long time MM shopper, and I have to say the remodel has been an epic fail for me too. Replacing the freshly made pasta, chicken curry, freshly made salad, with pizza and ramen/teriyaki means I shop the hot foods very rarely anymore.

    There are tons of great options in WS for pizza and noodles/rice bowls, but MM was the only place you could go to get fresh pasta, curry, or a great tossed salad, while doing some shopping, or grabbing coffee.

    And speaking of coffee – WHY did they cram the beautiful coffee shop into a tiny, dark corner? The bright sunny upstairs was perfect for the coffee shop, and a great draw to browse and buy the kitchen products while you waited for your drink.

    That space now feels like an afterthought (unless you go up there to eat) and I rarely shop the fun selection of kitchen gadgets anymore.

    I do like the improved layout of the fresh salad bar. But overall, with the new vertical cases and more self-serve products, the store that once had a European market feel to it, now feels like a big grocery store crammed into a space that’s too small.

    That being said, I love the team at MM – always awesome and friendly, they are the heart of the store! And they always make it a joy to shop there.



    Couldn’t agree more with every single point of negative feedback. The store always had an interesting flow, with a rather unconventional layout. But now it’s downright awkward and completely counterintuitive. The bread location frustrates the bejezzus out of me, and for the life of me I cannot understand why they took out the coffee shop in favor of a tiny, ill-placed counter! And boy does our family miss those hot pasta dishes and the fresh salads. Such a huge disappointment.



    A captive market? There is another grocery store literally one block away.



    I visited recently and was surprised to find that Met Market is no longer the go to store for specialty items… thriftway is… go figure.. the specialty items were what brought me through the door on a regular basis.



    I could copy / paste daisyg’s comments. I agree with everything you said. Took the words out of my mouth.

    Now, we go there for (literally ) 2 items we can’t get at our other standby grocery stores and that’s pretty much it (unless our children convince us to pick up an ice cream treat). Their pasta bar was one of our go-to dinners if we were on the way home from a swim lesson/meeting/ practice/ etc. (even though they weren’t ‘on the way’ home for us) Not a fan of the ramen. I didn’t even realize the pre-made salads were gone (does that include the extra tasty curry cous-cous salad they had- with arugula maybe? extra disappointed). and yes, we’ve mentioned the dis-satisfaction to staff there, and they said our complaints were echoed by many others. The staff is great, though. Always has been.

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    Dave B, Sorry for a late reply. The Hot Buffet items are either poorly labeled or too often not labeled at all. Ingredients are never labeled to this day. I have repeatedly brought their attention to it but I just got tired & frustrated of doing their job. The “dining” area seems to be forgotten & is usually poorly stocked with napkins, cups & sometimes utensils. When the coffee bar was up there, it seems that the Baristas could keep things tidy & stocked.

    To be absolutely clear, I love the long time staff there. Later in the evening, however, some of the staff seems to be burying themselves for no customer contact or just watching the clock. I even had to ask if they were open once. I am a bit miffed that some of the familiar faces have disappeared for whatever reason. I think they’re doing as good a job with what they have to work with. Man, what happened… I think that question can only be answered higher up the food chain.



    First world problems…rolling eyes here.



    LOL Jan.. the first world is entitled to it’s problems too ;-)
    and when hubby is watching a cooking show and choosing a recipe a week to expand his cooking skills.. sourcing ingredients can be a very real problem.



    What’s your point, Jan? We live in the first world, of course these are first world problems. We pay first world prices, too.



    JanS, As I said in the original post; “Not biggest of the world’s problems right now…”

    I will say we are fortunate to enjoy an enviable standard of living & I, along with many others, appreciate this by paying attention to, among other things, our diet. I appreciate the diet & opportunity for health available to us.



    I joined in the complain-question fest because I prefer to patronize locally owned businesses over the corporations. It’s better for our community and economy. However, when it’s a hassle, the choices disappear or the food makes us ill (once I ate mislabeled food) then I think we have a right to discuss and complain. What if we said nothing and just stopped shopping there? What kind of food options would we be left with?



    I rarely go to MM anymore, it’s amazing how out of the way it feels from south West Seattle (yes, I know JanS, yet another 1st World problem!) but glad to read this so I won’t make an unnecessary trip to get my favorite ever Admiral Salad — get a craving for that one every now and again but won’t bother if they aren’t making them anymore! BUMMER!!



    Happy to hear I’m not the only one bothered and confused by the changes. The bread in that weird corner-what? The coffee shop crammed in that weird space-huh? The upstairs abandoned, left unattended where before it was a nice hub out of the way. I bet housewares is dealing with alot more theft these days. People milling about the hot stations tasting food, no signage, that new big island of hot crap is ridiculous!

    And back to my ongoing rant about delis-please make sure you ask them to change their gloves before they grab something for you. And take a moment to observe deli workers at any grocery or deli and see them walk around with gloves on- touching doors, equipment, then your food. Gloves gives a false sense of security when in reality it make their hands dirtier. If they weren’t wearing gloves they would wash them. And just see what happens if you ask any of those workers what day one of those prepared salads was made. If they tell you the shelf life it only works if you know what day it was made. Or ask what temp the chickens are at. Sorry, don’t mean to spoil the enhanced dining experience that is Metropolitan Market!



    Comparison shopping with other WS stores on some under 5 buck items is interesting. If you use Fisher scone mix, Bartell is the place to go. Usually priced 2-3 dollars less. Found an item priced at 1.99 at Met Mart that was priced at 1.55 at Husky Deli.
    Feel bad for the employees, the coffee shop seating area is such wasted space now. Had hoped giftwares would move somewhere else or expand into entire space.

    And always, always read the best by dates on any items packaged and sold at the store. Really makes a difference with the wrapped sandwiches. Never a discount on the day or more older items.


    Wes C. Addle

    Yeah, the new layout is pretty bad. My biggest gripes are the bread placement, coffee bar, and the new hot food items. Having the bread stand alone near no other food is annoying. The coffee bar is really slow so you get people bunching up by the door and the hot food and no one can get through. Lastly is the new hot food items. There’s a reason you don’t see anyone order the “Ramen” or the other “Asian” noodle dishes. The Ramen is not Ramen. It’s a soup and it’s Asian-inspired, but that’s about it. This whole thing was a surprising fail for Met Market IMO.



    I was in the Met last week and a teenage girl was holding a small dog with its bottom poking under the cover. She then bent over and smelled something, her hair hanging in the food and dogs rear only inches away from food. Will never get prepared food their again. Why are dogs permitted in store, against health regulations.I told one of the clerks and she made noise,yuck, said she would have manager take care of it. I was ordering flowers after I paid for groceries, watched to see what would happen, nothing did . Decided not to order flowers and left. I’ll go to Safeway, better prices and no food with dog bum near it.

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