PHOTOS: Kids’ Day with Puget Sound Beekeepers @ West Seattle Bee Garden


11:30 AM: While the West Seattle Bee Garden is here to see at High Point Commons Park any time, it’s only once a year that you can enjoy it with the Puget Sound Beekeepers Association offering a variety of activities and demonstrations – and that’s happening right now: PSBA Kids’ Day at the WSBG. If you’re worried about the weather – there’s shade, as well as canopied booths with activities, crafts, and coloring, plus a garden full of gorgeous flowers.


This is all free and all happening at 31st SW/SW Graham until 1 pm.


Above, Bee Garden founder Lauren Englund in her “bee suit” for a hive demonstration; next one, by the way, is 12:15 pm, so you have time to get here!

12:20 PM: Back at HQ, we’ve added a few more photos, including Chris Porter (below) with pollination information:


Christine Deppe and Marco Deppe had a coloring quiz for older kids – whether you can identify parts of a bee’s anatomy:


The PS Beekeepers, by the way, are the people with whom you check if you discover a honey-bee swarm and don’t happen to be a hive-keeper – information about that is here.

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  • Mike August 21, 2016 (7:47 am)

    Cool.  Bee’s are so vital to our ecosystem and food supply chain.  Sadly, there are numerous die-offs caused by a variety of things (some chemical, some development, etc.)  and it’s hurting our ability to grow foods.  It’s great that more people are becoming more aware of bee’s and why we need them.  If people want more information, check out

  • Marco August 22, 2016 (9:47 am)

    Thanks for the great coverage WSB, as always :) Marco

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