Roxhill Skatepark/Playground: Grindline may win in re-bid

If you’re watching and waiting to see what happens with the Roxhill Skatepark and Playground project, which went to a second round of bidding (as reported here last month), we have an update today from Seattle Parks‘ project manager Kelly Davidson. She says, “After a review and protest period, California Skateparks has been determined by Contracting to be non-responsive. Contracting has determined that Grindline Skateparks is the next low bidder and has requested their Supplemental Bidder Qualifications for review and approval. These should be received by Friday and we should be able to make a determination early next week if we can move forward with the request to award.”

In the first round of bidding, according to Parks documents, West Seattle-based Grindline – which designed and built Delridge Skatepark – had been deemed the “apparent low bidder” (as reported here) even though the dollar amount was more than $100,000 above California Skateparks’ bid. Factors included the fact that CS – which donated design services – and two other firms failed the “inclusion-plan scoring,” falling far short of the city’s WMBE (women- and minority-owned business) goals, while Grindline scored much higher. But Grindline’s first bid was too far over the estimate for the city to work with, Davidson said last month, so it too was rejected.

In the new round of bidding, Davidson tells WSB, “The Non-Responsive ruling was based on the fact that California Skateparks did not fill out a line item on the bid form. They protested the ruling for several reasons, but Contracting is standing behind the original decision.” She says this time around, CS bid $445,500 (close to what it bid the first time), while Grindline’s bid was $468,999, far below its previous $572,000 bid.

Once a contractor is chosen, they will build the skatepark (in city terms, a “skatespot” as it’s somewhat smaller than full “skateparks”) and will also prepare the adjacent playground site for renovations – a play structure is to be built there by volunteers later this year.

3 Replies to "Roxhill Skatepark/Playground: Grindline may win in re-bid"

  • Silly Goose August 8, 2012 (7:53 pm)

    Love the design so excited that Roxhill is getting this wonderful park, West Seattle needs more parks like this for our youth. Thank you Parks Department for a beautiful design!!

  • Chris August 9, 2012 (12:58 pm)

    Great job to the City of Seattle for sticking to their guns despite the obvious pressure. CA Skateparks, your incompetence is staggering – two winning bids in a row rejected on technicalities? The best news would be for the community of West Seattle, who would get the world’s best skatepark Design Builders (who also happen to be native West Seattlites) for the second time in a row. West Seattle already has Seattle’s best skatepark, now maybe we can have the two best!

  • Brandon August 10, 2012 (12:35 pm)

    agree with chris!

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