West Seattle Crime Watch: 2 pieces of potentially telltale loot

3 West Seattle Crime Watch reports tonight – a car break-in with loot including a child’s prized skateboard, a custom model you would know if you saw; a home break-in with loot including a distinctive cutting board and a wedding video; and a case of gas siphoning. Read on:

First, from Darisa:

(Thursday) night, I Inadvertently left my door unlocked (we live on 39th in the
Gatewood neighborhood) and items were stolen from my car. I am hoping that something can be posted and the person responsible can possibly be caught. My 9 year old son had a custom skateboard in the back seat which was taken. It is very distinguishable and so I am hoping that someone may be able to report the person who did this.

Deck: Red Toy Machine mini
Trucks: Green Thundertrucks
Wheels: Translucent blue Ricta wheels
Grip Tape: Custom with a picture of Homer Simpson
My son is devastated. I hope someone can help.

From Matthew, in the 4200 block of SW Holly:

My wife and I were the victims of a home burglary (Thursday), sometime during the day/afternoon while we were at work. Midday breakins seem to be the standard operating procedure for crooks judging from reading others’ experiences on the WSB crime watch. My wife came home in the evening to find the front door ajar and a light on inside, when the door should have been locked and the light off. They took the usual: cameras and camcorder, laptop, hard drives and jewelry. Some of the more random items taken included a prescription for antibiotics and a hickory wood cutting board (it’s nice – beautiful with dovetail, but heavy, and it’s a cutting board. If anyone sees/finds a 18″ X 12″ X 2″ hickory cutting board with dovetailed joints at a garage sale – give a holler.). The mess of the scene and items staged and left by the front door seem to indicate that they were spooked and bolted before getting everything. We’re in a set of townhouses south of the Thriftway set off an alley and with a front door that is partially hidden from view. Like other victims, there’s a feeling that the material objects can be replaced, but the video of our recent wedding cannot be replaced and is lost. I’m a bit bitter this morning and hope that the karmic boomerang comes back around and hits them hard.


Noticed that there was another car prowling in our neighborhood. Wanted to mention that (Thursday) night my wife’s car was siphoned of about half a tank of gasoline. We also live in the 10200 block of 32nd Ave SW. The car was parked in the drive way and we have motion sensors so they must be feeling pretty confident. Another neighbor also reported that her car was broken into Tuesday or Wednesday night.

2 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: 2 pieces of potentially telltale loot"

  • CMeagh October 30, 2010 (10:17 pm)

    I live on the 5000 block of 39th, and on Thursday night someone got into my car as well. I always try to lock my car, but must have left it unlocked. Everything that was in the console and glove compartment were taken out and left on the passenger seat. The only thing missing were quarters that I had for the car wash and several Starbucks cards with no value that were in the console. The Starbucks cards were going to be gifts, but I had not activated them, so there was no money on them.
    I called and filed a police report just so that the police were aware of it.

  • Marc October 31, 2010 (9:45 am)

    A week ago my car was prowled on the 10100 block of 32nd Place. The scene was the same as with Cmeagh. Everything in the console was out and on the passenger seat. All they took was a car charger for my cell phone that was worth about as much as the spare change they left behind. This happened either Friday the 22nd or Saturday the 23rd. I also submitted a police report at the time so the police were aware of it.

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