First update: Precinct pix from Police Appreciation Day


In the community room at the Southwest Precinct, that’s the big sign you can attach a card or note to (or just sign another one nearby) during Police Appreciation Day today — organized by the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council — continuing till 8 pm tonight. Free food, too:


A long list of West Seattle businesses and other community members donated food and beverages for the occasion, from Bakery Nouveau to Casa Feliz and beyond (we’ll publish the whole list a bit later) – it’s being rotated in and out throughout the day; we just had lunch before visiting an hour or so ago, or else we could have dined quite royally. Activities for the family, too:


That’s Kathleen Voss from Highland Park helping her three-and-a-half-year-old daughter Gretchen with the kids’ art supplies that are set up on a table at the event – here’s one creation Gretchen produced already:


Kathleen says Gretchen described that as “a police car with the woo-woo lights.” It’s a relaxed atmosphere at Police Appreciation Day – you can go into the community room from either door facing the parking lot on the southwest side of the building (Delridge/Webster; here’s a map) — still not sure where you’re going? Here’s the precinct sign at that corner (look for that little handmade sign shown at the right side of the photo, with a balloon attached; there’s one at the parking lot entrance too):


Till 8 pm tonight – drop by. You never know who you’ll meet; the precinct’s Crime Prevention community liaison Benjamin Kinlow (who helps set up Block Watch groups and is currently working on Night Out – coming up 8/5; go here to register your block party!) was mingling when we were there, along with community members and the Crime Prevention Council’s staff liaison from Seattle Neighborhood Group, Jennifer Duong, plus her predecessor in that role, Lois Grammon-Simpson. We’ll be checking back later for another report.

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  • Kat July 15, 2008 (1:56 pm)

    What a great opportunity to let our officers know we appreciate them. It is also a great chance for kids to meet some of those “community helpers” their always talking about in school…
    So when is WSB Appreciation Day?!

  • WSB July 15, 2008 (2:05 pm)

    awww … the fact enough people find the site of value to make it widely read (half-million pageviews last month!), which therefore makes it a good deal for advertisers, which in turn means revenue to pay our bills so we can work on WSB full time … that is MORE than reward/”appreciation” enough, every day!!!! :) – TR

  • Irukandji July 15, 2008 (5:06 pm)

    We had the chance to drop in while kids from the Delridge Community Center were having a Q&A – some pretty astute questions at that. Lots of kids were making cards and playing.

    Smallish event, but a nice way to get to meet and say thanks to the team that we demand so much of and underfund!

    And thanks to Jennifer for getting it all together!

  • WSB July 15, 2008 (5:18 pm)

    Still time to get down there before 8. I’m dropping by again in the last hour to see how the “thank you” board turned out, etc. Sales Guy Patrick visited a short time ago and got to say hi to Capt. Kessler. In other events tonight, he’s off to Concert in the Park, I’m off to the viaduct and reservoir meetings – both of which, I’m told by organizers, are 100% “open house, drop-in” style events, so those interested don’t have to worry about missing a presentation if they go late, it’s just “drop in and get info” – and at the Viaduct event, a court reporter also will be present to record any comments about the environmental assessment for the South End Replacement project on which the meeting’s focused.

  • Schmoopie July 15, 2008 (7:24 pm)

    We thought Gretchen’s picture was the highlight of the article! :) What a great way for the community to say thanks.

  • miws July 15, 2008 (10:19 pm)

    Yep! Everyday is WSB appreciation day! :D



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