That WS fashion feature thing: The legs have it

October 4, 2007 at 11:43 pm | In West Seattle fashion | 16 Comments

legs.jpgTo recap, a couple WSB readers suggested a West Seattle fashion feature a la Pike/Pine; we asked the folks at Clementine — with whom we have corresponded on matters from Junction beautification to the Art Walk, to help us kick it off. It’s wide open to any and all contributors, from West Seattle’s other fine fashion retailers, to any other reader out there who snaps a cool look (either gender) somewhere in WS; our inbox is a-waiting. We all gotta get some relief from death, destruction, business battles, etc., now ‘n’ then. Meantime, at right we have a second contribution, this one sent along by Clementine’s Kelly Rae Cunningham, a dryly humorous artist who titled her note “if WS wasn’t ready for [the first fashion photo] they won’t be ready for this look.”


  1. I love it, but I’d never wear it. (Mainly because I’d fall right off those heels…)

    Comment by The Velvet Bulldog — 11:50 pm October 4, 2007 #

  2. I liked the last pair of shoes better, but I’m a dude.

    Comment by Erik — 11:58 pm October 4, 2007 #

  3. Hi, “Flashdance” called, they want their look back.

    Comment by OP — 12:02 am October 5, 2007 #

  4. I think 1985 was ready for that look.

    Comment by hello insomnia — 6:50 am October 5, 2007 #

  5. Like, totally! I’m going to cut all the necks out of my sweatshirts, too. Although, I must say the pictured leg warmers are much cuter than those in my high school days.

    Comment by — 7:45 am October 5, 2007 #

  6. Somewhere in Wyoming there is a rave that is missing some leg warmers.

    Comment by Christopher Boffoli — 7:49 am October 5, 2007 #

  7. Oooh. I, for one, love the colors and contrast of the stockings and leggings. Lovely.

    Comment by Melissa — 8:15 am October 5, 2007 #

  8. it would be better if i could see farther up.

    Comment by donald — 8:40 am October 5, 2007 #

  9. Actually, you’re looking at your own level down there, Donald. There’s something wrong with a man when he’s interested in what a mannequin has going on.

    Comment by praying man-tis i — 9:04 am October 5, 2007 #

  10. no no, leave ‘em on baby.

    Comment by flipjack — 10:19 am October 5, 2007 #

  11. oh i didnt realize it was a mannequin because i can’t see farther up.

    Comment by donald — 10:50 am October 5, 2007 #

  12. Donald: Don’t sweat the puritanical police. I was thinking the same thing. Damn those mannequins. They’re more anatomically correct than I am.

    Comment by Aidan Hadley — 10:50 am October 5, 2007 #

  13. time to head down to the Short Stop I’m afraid…

    Comment by donald — 11:24 am October 5, 2007 #

  14. LOL on these comments!!

    Comment by add — 12:10 pm October 5, 2007 #

  15. Puritanical, huh? Do tell. What exactly do you know about me, Aidan? :-) Would it kill you to know that I’m actually a sick West Seattlelite with a sense of humor? I suppose since you’ve already judged me. I’ll have to move to Broadway where I’ll be accepted for who I am.

    Comment by praying man-tis i — 1:29 pm October 5, 2007 #

  16. Speaking of mannequins…Check out ‘Lars and the Real Girl’ when it comes out in theaters. It’s hilarious and stars a mannequin. :) I loved it!

    Comment by LyndaB — 10:22 pm October 5, 2007 #

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