LOST PET: Bearded Dragon missing since August – September 15, 2021 1:26 am

Is Ellie hiding in your garage or shed? We’ve been searching for Ellie since Aug 18, in the Admiral neighborhood. Since temps are dropping, there’s a good chance Ellie has made her way indoors and has found a warm spot in the interior corner of a garage, storage shed or even the house. She loves to seek refuge in a room’s quiet corner behind a door, wedged behind a plant pot or under furniture. She is the sweetest dragon and I promise if you find her, she won’t bite, never has. please take a pic of her, and text me and I’ll come running. You could leave her where you find her if indoors or if you are comfortable picking her up, you could place her in a cardboard box with some paper towels or an old towel or blanket. If she’s outdoors under front steps or a deck, or some corner in your backyard it will most likely be a rough fall/winter for her, if she stays out of view. We’re trying to find her before it gets too cold for her to move before she hibernates for the long haul until next Spring. If she went indoors, she is likely in the vicinity of 44th and Atlantic, (within a mile of that corner) . She will be easy to spot indoors. She’s about 16 inches long. For your kindness, a $500 reward is offered or a donation to the animal shelter of your choice. Admiral neighbors, Thank you in advance for your help in the search for Ellie. We are holding on to hope and staying positive that we will get to her in time and be reunited. 206 889-3928

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  • Tracey September 22, 2021 (7:28 am)

    Come on Ellie!  Find your way home.  I return to this post daily in hopes of a happy update.

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