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    Our earlier conversation made me question who Rush Limbaugh’s leftist equal could be…

    i tried entering democratic shock jocks in google to get an answer.

    imagine my surprise when i found that wikipedia does mention Leykis as a shock jock but not Rush Limbaugh….


    Wikipedia labels Rush Limbaugh as a controversial radio host and a conservative political commentator


    though he is definately listed in Roy O’Conner’s book “Shock Jocks” listing the top 10 on public radio… right up there with Savage…


    it seems that while Wikipedia notes shock jock topics “include sex, especially kinky and/or scatalogical topics (toilet humour), or just unabashed innuendo” .. it does not include hate which is the focus of Roy O’Conner’s book.

    even when i put liberal commentator controversy in google i get more hits for conservative commentators than i do liberal.. and the two listed Colmes (Fox’s psuedo liberal) and Keith Oberman pale in comparison.

    i looked though wiki’s talk radio site..


    and the worst i could find under the liberal heading was Randy Roades who i turned off the first time i heard her.. and who was finally offensive enough to get bounced…

    and Bernie Ward in San Francisco who was convicted of something to do with kids and sex… not a sterling guy as it turns out but apparently better mannered on the air.

    so is Randy Rhodes the only contender for a liberal equal to Limbaugh?

    it’s not that there haven’t historically been some doozies.. Lenny Bruce for one… and will rogers was known to gt a little rude as well… it’s just that i don’t know about any current liberal commentators or shock jocks catering to that crowd.

    i have exhausted my patience but not my curiosity.. so I am putting this out as a valid question…

    someone will know.



    Adam Cozens. LOL.

    I’m going to throw Bill Maher out there but I’m leaving that wide open to debate. Slate.com includes Al Franken, but I don’t see it. Howard Stern is politically liberal, but meh. I don’t really want to claim him. That hair… tsk tsk. :)



    Adam Cozens? i had never heard of him so i googled him..

    i assume he is liberal but he doesn’t seem so political..

    Al Franken.. i am not sure he was ever that nasty… and when he got serious about politics.. well, he got serious…

    Howard sterns… liberal? i suppose so. offensive? yes. political????

    is this a republican phenomena?

    do we have no political shock jocks of our own?



    I think we need one. I nominate Adam Cozens… it’s a carry over from the deleted post. He’s a comedian friend of mine in New York who used to live in Seattle.



    Mike Malloy nationwide. Seattle did have my beloved Mike Webb but he is no longer with us.



    IMO – Almost the entire news media. You’ve got Saturday Night Live, Dave Letterman, Jay Leno, the above mentioned personalities…..

    I think you guys are pretty much set in that department!



    Btw, I think it’s “Stern”, not “Sterns”.



    Well. I didn’t know the exact sound of piss on Cheerios, but now I think I’ve pinpointed it. Not touchin’ it. Nope. Not today.




    I think there is one liberal wanna be imitator of Rush, Ed Schultz. I often mistake him, at first hearing, for Limbaugh. Its only once I get the jist of his pitch for the day that I can tell the difference.

    But even Ed can’t match the incessant intolerance and unsupportable statements of the great bloviator.

    Hate talk radio is a rightie delicacy, much like ludefisk is for the Nords.




    You chose the same two I immediately came up with.




    i must lead a very sheltered life…

    ok.. my sheltering is self imposed… i exercise my right to immediately turn off commentators who offend me..

    but i had never really noticed Mike Malloy or Ed Schultz. I will have to go listen.



    I thought Randy Rhodes was the guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne back when I was in high school. So the Limbaugh thread got deleted, but here we go starting up another one because someone was offended?



    I think Randy Rhodes is a professional wrestler – lol….the name just fits…

    “IMO – Almost the entire news media. You’ve got Saturday Night Live, Dave Letterman, Jay Leno, the above mentioned personalities…..”

    NR…none of these are “shock jocks”…just comedians all…definitely not the same thing. I think we’re looking for someone who perhaps does talk radio, has strong political feels, and isn’t afraid to talk about them. Thanks for the contribution, but…SNL as “shock jock”? Nah..they make fun of everyone, even our own…as do the others..and they are no where close to being hateful, etc…

    so..try again…



    I like to make fun of everyone and everything, but it seems I can’t do that here.



    Randi Rhodes was banned for calling Hilary Clinton a “big f**king whore” at an event where she “thought” there were no mikes around. She eventually left Air America, went to a smaller syndicator, and now she can’t be heard in Seattle.

    Stephanie Miller is the only leftie I can think of that employs the traditional shock format. She, her producer and a voice guy do a three hour fart joke extravaganza, with a semi-scheduled repeating “How’s your beaver?” segment, and “You’re a lying sack of sh*t.” More frequent segments include “Wheel of Right Wing Hypocrites”, and “tinsel town news.”



    Keith Olbermann

    Rachell Maddow

    Chris Mathews

    Katie Couric

    Dan Rather

    Bill Moyers

    Meeeeeeeshel Norris

    Jack Cafferty

    Randi Rhodes

    Anyone at the NYTs, WaPo, LATs, NPR.

    That dude that twitters on CNN and thinks it’s cool.

    I’m sure I forgot a lot of people, my apologies.



    Jiggers – Please know (even though you, and everyone else here is kept on a tight leash) that your efforts are not unnoticed or unappreciated. :)Btw, I noticed that one thread was closed, only for another to begin with the same sentiments being repeated too.

    For whatever reason, it seems as though liberal radio shows just don’t get the fan base or enough interest to sustain them. Didn’t Gore and Franken try radio, only to have their shows canceled?

    I think (IMO), leftist radio shows are unsuccessful due to the overwhelming left leaning news media (T.V./internet).


    I agree with Jiggers in his original response to the thread. It was deleted and now it has to be started again?

    LET. IT. GO.




    This does not have to be a repeat of the prior conversation if everyone would quit playing out the same comments over and over. I know how all of you feel. If we weren’t so busy being inflammatory maybe some other people would come out of the woodwork participate – and I would like that. I’m sick of listening to the same people being tools for their political party which in turn gets them ridiculed and then wrist-slapped. Don’t take the bait and make every political thread an opportunity to say the same things with the only difference being a new way to get people riled up. Say something NEW!

    That’s all. I’m not interested in having this discussion with anyone I had this conversation with yesterday, personally. Let’s here what our other neighbors have to say?



    Weenie and the Butt..in the morning!



    followed by Dingo and the Baby at noon!



    As some one who actually worked in radio it’s probably important to point out a few things.

    1. The job of a radio talk show host is to make the phones ring.


    Full stop.

    2. There are a handful out there who admit that they don’t even believe what they say, but job one is to make the phones ring.


    Full stop.

    3. IMO no one should ever be allowed to discuss any radio talk show or talk show host until they’ve read David Foster Wallace’s essay “Host.”

    Google it.

    Read it.

    Then come back and join this discussion.



    Ron Reagan now has a three hour show on KPTK that originates from Seattle, taking over the 3 to 6 PM slot that Rachel Maddow had. As I predicted a few months ago, Maddow has gone full time to MSNBC TV. Air America replays the audio of her TV show in the early morning now so they can keep mentioning her as one of their radio personalities.


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