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    …is really really really yummy!

    Had the brisket, coleslaw, and greens. mmmmmmmmmmmm

    happy man

    that is all.



    It is really yummy!! We had sandwiches – brisket and pork. And, all the sides we tried were great too – greens, mac’n cheese, jalapeno corn bread muffin.

    We go to Jones BBQ quite a bit, but I liked Uncle Mike’s pork sandwich better. Also, Uncle Mike’s prices are a little less expensive. (But a little farther away for us.)

    All that being said, we’ll definitely go back.



    WHERE is uncle Mike’s located?



    It’s in the heart of White Center, right across the street from Full Tile. I think it’s on 16th.

    Thanks for the review Todd. I have been wanting to try them.



    We are fans as well!!!!



    white center.. there’s bbq in white center?

    i know where i am headed today:)))



    They’ve got a menu on their website –




    Well, they are certainly trying awfully hard to make a go of it at Mike’s, which after tasting the food, is about as generous as I can be. They simply don’t have the sales volume at the moment to keep items hot n’ fresh so my sides were all pulled out of the walk in and zapped. No matter how many times I’ve attempted it, mac and cheese simply does not work out of the microwave. True, if the universe were a just place, mac and cheese reheated in that contraption would taste awesome but it doesn’t. Please don’t ever serve me mac and cheese from a microwave. Ever. Cornbread was also put through the electronic reheater. Bla. Best sides were the baked beans, which were quite good and the tater salad. Sadly, my dining companion ordered that stuff, not me.

    The pulled pork was absolutely average. So average that I can only remember thinking how average it was. Partner’s ribs were just OK.

    Then it hit me: I am always disappointed by Seattle BBQ. It is never satisfying. It is always so horribly, tragically mediocre. Why? Well I guess the reason is simple: my Q is always light years better. Not bragging, it’s just the way it is. I make better wings, ribs, brisket, pulled pork… you name it. Every seattle BBQ restaurant I’ve ever been to has failed me and now I know why.

    Sorry Jones, Sorry Uncle Mike, Sorry to “the man”, but I’m breaking up with you — all of you. Please don’t call or post on my Facebook. I really mean it this time.



    Thee, please try the pulled pork sandwich at Morning Star Deli on the corner of 9th and Henderson in Highland Park. If you’re a sauce person ask for an extra side. We are from Oakland and grew up eating amazing Bar-B-Que and we LOVE the pulled pork at Morning Star. They do such a great job on the meat that I’m thinking of getting their smoked turkey for Thanksgiving! Let me know what you think! (No disrespect to Mike’s or the OP, just wanted Thee to try one more time!)

    We have tried Uncle Mike’s but we’re supporting Morning Star so they’ll stay!!



    I heard that Uncle Mike’s was the best around – and so I took my family to it check it out! We had chicken and pork barbeque sandwiches and they were awesome – and the sides of greens and salad were perfect!

    What I heard was true times two! Uncle Mike’s really is the best around!



    Mikes BBQ and the new bar are in some kind of vortex in White center.

    Every time i figure out where they are I lose them again :(

    Thankfully Full tilt remains steady in it’s anchor position:)



    I think Uncle Mike’s BBQ is thoroughly mediocre. When I went there with my husband, most of the foods were reheated. Our cornbread had a plastic wrap around it & obviously just came from the microwave. I ordered the fried chicken & it was so salty that I couldn’t eat very much of it. And this is coming from someone who LOVES fried chicken.

    It’s truly unfortunate because we really wanted to like them & see a successful BBQ joint in the neighborhood. However, I really can’t see myself going back there. Been hearing a lot of good things about Morning Star Deli, so will have to give them a try.



    There are so many bbq types it is impossible to please everyone. But basic stuff like cornbread has to be adjusted to the demand and tossed when it is too old.

    I too am disappointed with with seattle BBQ but the main reason is that I know how to make several kinds and the ingredient that is the first to get cut is time. A brisket takes 12 to 15 hours to do right. Carolina bbq takes 10 to 16 hours depending on how much of the pig you are cooking.

    There is no way to make bbq that does not have to be reheated since it is not fast food. Hush puppies and a deep fryer is a staple in the south and mid atlantic bbq joints since the cornbread is made when you order it and served hot.

    Good bbq is hard work and taste best when you have been up all night drinking moonshine and swapping lies with relatives as you take turns basting the pig with vinegar and butter an shovel coals from the hickory fire into the pit (made from cinder blocks and rebar) over and over.

    Every West coast bbq joint has to try and cover all the bases with carolina, Texas, KC and fusions of the three traditions in each place. It cannot be done. I abhor sweet sauces but many think the BBQ is the sauce.

    I will try to make it to Uncle Mikes soon, not because I expect to find perfection (I do that at home) but because every bbq joint is a labor of love and the owner wants to share a passion. It is too much damn work otherwise.

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