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    Hi all
    Had an incident at our house yesterday in Belvedere and was curious what folks thought of the police response. Had a man trying to get into our house via multiple doors (thankfully all locked), who ended up prowling around and defecating in our yard. We were on hold with 911 for more than 15 minutes before the police arrived, just in time to get him as he was driving off.
    Luckily this guy didn’t end up having violence in mind but if he had, fifteen minutes seems like an awfully long time to respond to an active home invasion. It’s not like we were saying “Hey, take your time” – we were frantic and yelling A LOT. The responding officer said they were way down by Barton around Target but I can drive that in 15 minutes – I’d hope they could go a little more quickly.
    Am I out of line thinking that? Because if 15 minutes is acceptable I’m going to take more active measures to protect myself.



    When seconds count – the police are only minutes away….



    This sounds really disconcerting. Where in Belvedere?



    It was near 35th and Hinds. It’s also a problem that two days later the police report number brings nothing up on the SPD site. So I can only surmise that they did not charge the man.

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    So sorry that happened to you, I would’ve been so scared. I was recently hit by a drunk driver but since nobody died, the police never showed up. The drunk driver left the scene after waiting for 45 minutes (interestingly enough he waited). Too few of them, too many people/crimes now.


    Michael Waldo

    I remember last year the city hired a consultant who said we needed about 300 more cops for our population. I know for sure that wasn’t done.



    Yikes, JM – that’s horrible! So sorry you had to deal with that. Our police are definitely stretched more and more thinly every day.

    Interesting, Michael – I recall that now too. Even if the city got a third of that it’d help.



    we get what we agree to pay for



    It’s sad. It’s as if the lunatics are running the asylum. It just doesn’t make sense to me how this city is being run.



    well, cynical me says…everyone wants the service, no one wants to pay

    the rest of the week is downhill, folks

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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