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    Chipotle rocks, and I’m sorry the closest one to us is in the U. District. Though I’ve visited the Bellevue and Southcenter locations, as well, and haven’t a bad thing to say about those establishments.

    But I digress. I wanted to respond to a post made in the “Taco Time rant” thread (which is now closed to other posts). SarahScoot wrote that Chipotle is owned by McDonalds. Not so. Persistent internet rumor. In the past, McDonalds owned a majority share in the corporation. However, they are fully divested now and have been for over 2.5 years. See:

    Just would hate for anyone NOT to frequent those fine restaurants b/c they were misinformed about the association between them and MickeyD’s.



    Amen! I ate there today (in Redmond). Fabulous, fresh, socially conscious food. I’ve written them numerous times asking “When are you coming to West Seattle??”



    All right, sorry for the misinformation! I’ve only eaten at Chipotle once, in approx. 2005, and immediately afterward learned that they were “owned” by McDonald’s (which was true at the time.) I must admit I hadn’t researched it since then. I guess I will end my Chipotle avoidance ;-)




    you are a stronger woman than I.

    even thinking it was owned by McDonald’s, i have a hard time resisting the siren call when i pass one.

    My only complaint is that i wish they had an option for smaller servings… it’s always more than i can eat.

    that said.. i am always looking for someone who wants to share:)



    Everything is owned by McDonalds when you break it down using a root cause matrix.

    Westwood Village McDonalds has the “McDouble” for $1.00. South California (Fauntleroy) McDonalds has the double cheeseburger for $1.39, and there is no pickle on the McDouble!

    You pay $.39 for a slice of cheese because THAT is the difference; a slice of cheese!

    You can get Eggamuffins for 2 for $3.00 at the Faultreyoy one after it is non-breakfast time.




    there are a lot of really great breakfast places in West Seattle… my personal fav is the Luna Park Cafe.. and if the parking lot is not adequate for your SUV, you can park across the street…

    i haven’t had breakfast at Easy Street yet, but i am told that is also well worth finding a parking space.

    both are more expensive than McDonalds but if you aren’t a big big eater you will probably take enough for at least a second breakfast home in your take out box.

    You can get a full breakfast a couple of places in White Center for just about $3.. and they will serve you.

    i am told there is a similar place down in the junction.. but i haven’t been there yet either.

    i seldom go out for breakfast.

    As for burgers.. you will likely have to park on the street.. but a zippys burger won’t leave you shopping around.. and they have plenty of sizes and combinations.. and.. they will make it your way:)

    i admit, McDonalds still gets my dollar now and then because the dogs love the drive thru..

    but there are so many other great choices for great breakfasts and lunches that you could explore alternatives to the two local McDonalds for years without running out of choices.

    i believe there are even other inexpensive choices in Westwood Village..

    i know i had a great slice of pizza there.. and fresh mexican.. and thai…

    But for great really cheap eats.. park in white center and follow your nose…

    just a hint.. they don’t generally serve food in the adult porn shops.. but you can get an incredible rueben at the Triangle Pub…

    there goes my diet:))))

    you did that on purpose.. didn’t you ;(



    Chipotle is decent, but there’s just something wrong about eating supposedly Mexican food in what looks like an Ikea food court.



    heh. eggamuffins. I thought I was the only one who called them that. :)



    This thread is making me hungry. I love Chipotle and would eat there every day if I could. Thankfully there isn’t one in West Seattle or else I’d be in trouble!



    I love Chipotle, but be aware that it’s not as healthy as you may think. The chicken burrito sets you back over a thousand calories!

    I get the veggie burrito and even that’s like 850 calories.

    It’s a good splurge every once in a while though, yum.



    I like Qdoba better.



    Tacos Guaymas IMHO is the best taco stand food I have had in Seattle. Their salsas are amazing too.



    El Rey Del Taco by Home Depot has the BEST carne asada burritos in town, hands / belt / suspenders down.

    Tacos Guaymas rocks too, especially that chili verde – yumallamagdingdongchaching!



    Luigilinguini – is that you in those icons? LOL..

    The taco stand down on 16th ave SW I don’t know the name of it..YUM. Best carne asada tacos.



    I am one of the few people who do not like Chipotle. I just don’t get it; I’ve tried it many times and still have not acquired a taste for it. And Tacos Guaymas- what happened? I went there on Sunday and the enchilada sauce tasted like dish water. It was gross- virtually inedible. For good Mexican food I head to CapHill- Galerias. Yum!


    HMC Rich

    JoB, I agree about the size of their burritos. Too much for one meal. I work in Bellevue and Issaquah has one. For a month on Tuesdays (I think) last year we received a major discount because our company won the monthly business prize. I found their food very pleasing to the taste buds.

    Sadly, I am addicted to fast food. I work in TV, whaddya expect! Pizza companies buy stock in TV stations, or at least they should. I also hate it when Mickey D’s does their monopoly game, then after that is over they make available the two big macs for a buck or some such deal,, then after that two sausage mcmuffins with egg for $3. It takes enormous will power not to eat there when I am in a hurry. I don’t have much will power. Some days I drive right by McD’s right into a Jack In The Box. Now that’s will power!!!

    If you are in the Eastgate area of Bellevue and like lots of Teriyaki, go to Teriyaki Time right by Chaplain’s Subaru. They serve too much too.

    I like Guaymas in the Junction (I always forget cash and the checkbook) and Guadalajara by Endolyne Joes (like Joes too!) and

    the cuisine at Cactus at Alki. Fry Bread!!!!!! Yummmm. I feel like Homer Simpson.



    I don’t bother with the burritos (which if I do, i eat half and save half). But the burrito bowls are awesome. You control the portions…rice, beans, your choice of meat and topping with a little lettuce on top. Share some chips and dip in it and it’s even better. YUM!



    La Costa in Burien is very good although one plate is enough for three people. They have a pork roasted in banana leaves that truly great (cochinita en pibil, I think is the name)

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