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    I recently moved to Washington and am not a registered voter in this state. In previous states I have lived in, new state voters were able to register at their polling location the day of voting (with two forms of address verification – ie driver’s license and utility bill in your name). I can’t seem to find information to this effect here in Washington. I can only find the form to mail in (30 days prior to election) or drop off at polling location (15 days prior to election day).

    I am sure the voters here are in the know … can I vote on Saturday? Or will I have to sit this one out (the state I moved from – and am currently registered in – has already held their caucus)?




    Here’s the FAQ on the state Dem site

    There is a link to registering online.

    You don’t have to show ID at the caucus.

    It SOUNDS to me like as long as you sign up online now, you’re a registered voter and can participate Saturday. Someone will correct me, I’m sure, if that turns out to be wrong. I’ll also check with 34 DD chair Ivan if I hear back from him tonight on other caucus-related questions I sent him.



    Thanks lowmanbeach!

    I don’t know how I missed that on the site earlier.

    For anyone else in this boat, upon finishing the form, I was told to allow 12 – 14 business days to process my application, and that I could check my status after 14 days. I printed the receipt and will take that with me on Saturday (and keep my fingers crossed that they will let me vote :)

    Thanks again!




    OK here is an update.

    I have been informed that no one will be turned away. There are rules and processes to vote in this state…

    Throw all those rules out. The caucus wants everyone who lives in a precinct to have the chance to make their preference known.

    There will be a trust instead, that if you are eligible to vote, and you say you intend to register to vote, transfer your registration, or will be old enough to vote between now and the general election in November, then you can sign in and indicate your preference.

    If your alleged neighbors swear you are a rabid coyote who wandered in to the caucus site and that your are really living in Fauntleroy Park, it will be up to them to eject you from the caucus because we are not going to do so if you signed in with an address in the precinct.

    The caucus documents linked in other post as the official rules, can be ignored in all the places where it says “Registered voters only” for the purposes of the original sign in.

    However those who wish to serve as delegates as the process ascends? Please have your registration in order because other candidates delegates can challenge your credentials.

    The official delegate selection document opens with these monuments of ambiguity

    3. Voter Participation in the Process

    a. Participation in Washington State’s delegate selection process is open to all voters who wish to participate as Democrats.

    b. Washington State’s voter registration or enrollment procedures, including the party primary, deadline to register to vote for purposes of determining participation are in compliance with DNC rules.

    I have been told that my legalistic reading of the fairly plain language (once you diagram the damn thing) must be in error.


    As long as you are a registered voter, intend to register to vote, intend to change your registration to match your current address, intend to switch your registration to your current precinct address from what ever state you are fleeing, will be old enough to vote in November and affirm that you are otherwise eligible to register to vote…. Then welcome to the caucus.

    BTW I just got the terrible news that there will be NO refreshments at the caucus. Not even coffee. So eat lunch before you come. I suspect they are expecting so many people that no matter what they set up, most would just see the wreckage by the time you got through the door.

    (I will try to smuggle in cookies and espresso for my precinct)

    Also remember that children, non citizens, furriners and actual aliens (BEM’s or Grays) are allowed to participate in the discussion but may not vote for delegates.



    i just read through all of this.. and it appears if you are legal to caucus.. that is, you are registered, have just registered or register that day… you are also eligible to become a delagate.


    and yes.. i am legal now.



    I am not sure about the delegate thing. Check with the campaign office of the candidate you intend to support. They may already have a ruling prepared or guidelines. They might also need to set their lawyers on the state party chair to get a ruling before the caucus starts.

    It would be harsh for the lawyers of one side or the other to be able to challenge elected delegates based on the 15 day rule of the sec of state.

    But I can be wrong.

    That’s what comes of hanging out with lawyers and politicians and other riff raff. I parse legalese for fun but sometimes I forget that it can be written ambiguously on purpose.



    Thanks – I will come prepared – print out confirmation that I have registered online, current DL, and even a utility bill in my name with my current address. That should be enough proof :)

    Thanks for all the feedback!


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