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    This is very disturbing, apparently legal…

    Someone killed an octo on eggs in Cove 2 at Seacrest. Photos of killer and prey. Makes me sick.




    Unfortunately it’s legal. Disgusting, but legal year round even during breeding/egg season. Ugh.


    Only way to protect the area is to have it declared a conservation area.



    That is totally revolting, and infuriating. Here I was thinking that most divers actually have some reverence for our natural water world, and an interest in protecting it. You’d think that even a dumbass human predator would have enough sense not to kill something sitting on EGGS. This makes me want to puke. Bring on the conservation petition!



    MOST divers do. Some (like in anything) are jackwads.



    wcdeb,I’m sure you’re right. I wish one of them had been around to pull the plug on the jackwad.



    Very sad.



    If harm comes to this guys equipment or him personally because of pictures you posted. You might be in for a nice lawsuit. Especially since what he did was legal.



    Before you all jump on the band wagon, you may want to know his version –

    Accused diver: “For one, i didnt harvest this octo in the dive site. i swam many yards off and just used the dive site as a way in and out of the water. second i have my certs and tags, a game warden came by today to check and look at the remains of the octopus i harvested from yesterday and assured me i broke no law. last i would like to state my neighbor (one of the guys i hunt with) purchased a compressor. i have been filling free for the past week. last, this octo was not on eggs, i am outraged that things would be made up even if you dont like what i did. and because of all the drama you people are causing and i intend to harvest another this weekend. oh and btw i got bent from a faulty inflater. it would not stop filling so i shot to the surface. i would like to point out to anyone out there trying to incrimate me that i have never broken a dive or fishing law and i study the regs like a bible”



    The news just ran a very, very different version of this story as reported by multiple witnesses. One of the witnesses claimed to have informed the diver that the octopus was probably there to lay eggs, and his response was “I know, I just took her off eggs”. The version I heard on the news sounded a whole lot more credible than the childish, defiant, nonsensical rant quoted above. Does this guy really think anyone cares if he “got bent”?



    Not a diver myself, so can someone explain to me WHY someone would “harvest” an octopus… I just can’t fathom what one would do with one? Do you eat it? Put it in your giant aquarium? I just don’t understand. Wouldn’t even EVER cross my mind to do something like this.



    I am a diver and love to octopi under the water. You don’t see them under very often.

    Yes it is very sad when such a beautiful creature is killed, and even sadder they are pretty easy to kill too.

    Her is the link of pictures. Damn sad, this is a big one she has been around for a long time.





    Because he posted that he will kill another octopus this weekend, I hope that some people here will click on the discussion at http://www.nwdiveclub.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=19454 to see the photos of his red pickup truck. Seeing it parked at Seacrest would mean an opportunity to talk about the situation with him.

    Another discussion is taking place at https://www.facebook.com/bubblesbelow.

    Both threads mention his bragging on Facebook about acts of animal cruelty and illegal spearfishing.



    So I was at Cove 2 last night, but showed up as the individual was driving away. I will say this, I know the divers who confronted the individual on the beach, and they are held in very high regard within the local, and even national diving community.

    In response to the individual’s defense, which was copied from a fb forum, I offer this: The diver is a new diver who is not familiar with the culture of diving in the northwest. He is probably unfamiliar with the social norms he broke even. I am familiar with the equipment configuration he was diving and can assure everyone there is no way in which it is possible that he swam far enough away that it truely wasn’t in an area that people dive. This site probably gets over 10,000 dives a year, and people use rebreathers, scooters, and other technical equipment to explore every inch. Not too long ago a diver was found in the West Seattle Ferry Lane after having been at a depth of 200+. Additionally the cove is surrounded on either side by Coves 1 and 3 which are also popular dive sites.

    The laws for parks are not as well defined for the water as they are the land. What this individual did was the equivalent of hunting in a city park (if it were legal).

    Alki’s Cove 2 is probably the single most dove spot in the state. Even more this site is GREAT for beginners and people getting into diving. There are a lot of divers who have their first encounter with all types of sea creatures at Alki, and the Octopi there are a treasure for the state.



    To those who are going to watch for this yet-to-get-it young man, remember that he may arrive in something other than a red pick-up.

    My guess: his bravado is now completely deflated due to all the press and negativity towards him and he’s learned a valuable lesson.



    That’s the context in which we originally were contacted last night and the context in which we will be writing about it. The first person we heard it from was hopeful it would spark a campaign to create a marine reserve in the area. At least one petition drive is already under way, I have heard – TR



    I agree with brew and kitsapdiver 100%. This particular guy isn’t the problem– let’s focus this understandable outrage into change. I’m a diver and member of Bottom Dwellers, a local LGBT dive club. I’d like to speak with anyone interested in exploring solutions. I think education is probably going to be an important tool. These animals are amazing, intelligent creatures, with a tragically short life span.




    Your response above shows maturity and reasoning that I am happy to see from you. First off let me say that I do not condone anyone who has invaded your privacy in order to harass you, and as a member of the dive community I still realize that many of them have over stepped their bounds in their response. However what I ask you consider now is that this issue has become bigger than a disagreement between NWGratefulDiver and yourself.

    What the dive community is trying to convey (admittedly some are spreading this word better than others) is that ALKI really isn’t a great place to hunt because the animals are so used to divers, and it’s a very popular training spot for OW classes. I am not sure how much diving experience you have but there are thousands of underwater hunters in Washington State and I would be willing to put you in touch with some of them who hunt actively for everything from Ling Cod to Sea Cucumber harvesting. The difference between what they do and what you do is that they head away from the popular dive spots and find other places to get in the water.

    You’re right, if the divers try to prevent you from entering the water at Cove 2 by means of force or harassment they’re in the wrong. However please consider that a vengeance attitude is only going to prolong this discussion and make things worse! I certainly agree that you’re rights have been violated and understand that you want to swing back at that group of people now, but I assure you that for all the people who have harassed you in some manner there are 10 fold who are disgusted by the story, do not want to see Octopi being taken from the water at Seacrest Park, but have not responded in such a radical manner. Please consider the entire diving community, and even the greater West Seattle community’s beliefs on this issue.

    As stated before if you would like me to put you in contact with people who can provide you information on sites where this activity is suitable, and you wouldn’t get any grief let me know, and I can help you meet fellow hunters.




    The ‘if you don’t like it, then I will kill another one’ attitude makes me glad to not be that young anymore.




    It sounds like cove 2 – and likely other dive spots in West Seattle – is more like a petting zoos due to the frequency of interaction between the marine life and divers. How can someone be “proud” of their catch in that environment? And just because you “can” do something doesn’t mean you should. Being a 20yr old GUY isn’t an excuse either. Sheesh!



    If Dylan weren’t lying about it being a male instead of a female on eggs, he could easily have posted a picture to show that it was a male.

    It is easy to tell the sex of a GPO by looking. In males, the third arm on the right is modified and is usually held curled up a bit when moving about or interacting with divers–the animal uses that arm less for day-to-day activities. Hunting an animal without knowing at least that much, and it sounds like he doesn’t, is like hunting deer without knowing the difference between a buck and a doe.

    A photo wouldn’t stop the criticism of having taken an animal beloved and visited by many at a popular spot, or the criticism of having illegally used dive knives to take it, or the criticism of having left the animal suffering and suffocating in the bed of a truck for a while afterwards because he had lost his knife in the struggle and didn’t know how to kill it. But it would show that he wasn’t lying about leaving a whole nest of eggs to die.



    I would like to clear something up. this is directed towards the thread on the nw dive club site. i dont “torcher animals” i butcher. i live in farm country. that cow kicking on the ground you say is suffering, well its actually dead, my friend shot it in the head, it died instantly, go ahead and research why things kick around after they die. i am even associated with the FFA and teachers from high school to this day still call me and ask me to help them educate the students on how to properly prepare farm animals and exotic animals for growth and human consumption. and the porky pine football thing was a joke, i can be dumb but i wouldnt kick or hurt the thing, i got quailed because i simple tryed to just touch it and it slapped me with its tail. i ask you try and stop making up stories that are not there.



    Translated for the educated;

    “I would like to clear something up. (This is directed towards the thread on the NW Dive Club site.) I don’t “torture animals” – I butcher. I live in farm country. That cow kicking on the ground that you say is suffering, well, it’s actually dead – my friend shot it in the head. It died instantly. Go ahead and research why things kick around after they die.

    I am even associated with the FFA and the teachers from high school, to this day, still call me. They ask me to help them educate the students on how to properly prepare farm and exotic animals for growth and human consumption. And the porcupine football thing was a joke. I can be dumb, but i wouldn’t kick or hurt the thing. I got quailed because I simply tried to just touch it, and it slapped me with its’ tail. I ask that you try and stop making up stories that are not true.”



    ” If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals.”

    ~Albert Einstein, Nobel Prize Physics 1922



    Dylan the fact that you admitted on your facebook page that you spearfish at Edmonds Underwater Park shows that you have no respect for hunting laws or the creatures themselves. It is appalling that you would hunt at an area that IS protected and illegal to hunt at.




    Some advice for you, for what it’s worth. I can somewhat identify what you are going through. What is done is done. There is no going back. What matters now is how you handle it in the future. As you are aware, the Dive community is very tight. Unless you want to be out casted and continually harassed, you will need to make amends.

    In post #22 above, Kitsapdiver extended an invitation to put you in touch with other divers who share your interest. I highly recommend that you take him up on it. Not only could it calm the current situation, but it could open up future possibilities for you.

    I would also suggest you sit down with other leading members of the dive community, on a one on one basis, and just listen to what they have to say. I think you will be surprised to find that they will be more interested in educating rather than accusing. Believe me, I know how hard it is to swallow the pride and bury the ego, but you need to.

    I have also read that you have been a member of the LAX “hood”, so you should be well aware of the saying and meaning of “Honor the Game”. Now is the time to show the honor.

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