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    Once in a great while, you find a place that makes a difference in your life, the life of your neighbors and friends, in the life of our community.

    Phoenicia is such a place.

    Hussein Khazaal, owner, unexpectedly passed away August 8, 2009. Carol & I were driving by our favorite Alki restaurant, saw the sign and flowers, read the notice, and were shocked and saddened to hear of our friend Hussein’s passing.

    And friend he was. For every customer, he always had “something special for you”. The food was always delicious and as special as Hussein described.

    But it really wasn’t the food that was the attraction. It was Hussein himself. You know how you feel when you meet someone that you know is special? That is, a person you know has wisdom and grace? And, most importantly, fills you with some slice of the knowledge of life before you leave?

    Hussein was such a man. His warmth and good spirit radiated and filled Phoenicia. Phoenicia was him, he was Phoenicia.

    Phoenicia’s Back.

    Last nite, we ventured to Phoenicia to see who had opened our favorite Alki haunt. We were thrilled, excited, and joyous to see the Khaazal family in the center of the action, welcoming customer after customer, many of them, and us, shedding a tear for Hussein, and celebrating the reopening of Alki’s newest oldest most favorite place.

    The food is fantastic; the place is redecorated and really beautiful. But, as before, it is Inaam, Sonya, William, and Nadia Khazaal who have instilled the Khazaal love in Phoenicia.

    So, if you are wondering where to go for a special event, or where to go on a night you don’t feel like cooking, or you just want a nice meal surrounded by nice people, go to Phoenicia.

    They will fix something special for you.

    Lou & Carol Frillman



    I was there on Thursday with my grandmother and wife and have been meaning to post a big RAVE. They did a great job redecorating the space, making it very intimate and cozy. We were welcomed like part of the family (as usual). The new chef is very talented. We had the 39 spice beef with mushrooms, caprese salad with buffalo mozzarella, spicy habanero prawns, two of their delicious pizzas and banana fosters for dessert. There was not a scrap of food left on our plates.

    I know Hussein is proud of them while looking down on the family.



    Oh, yum!

    What are the prices like?



    Very affordable. The pizzas are $14, small plates run 6 – $9. Specials on the chalk board are a little more, $18 + Everything was well worth the price. BTW: the pizzas are to die for! So good. Topped with Zoe’s meats and other deliciousness.



    I have been twice since they reopened – it is awesome. Definitely a treat, but not just for special occasions. I took my kids last night – the cheese plate and pizzas are a hit!



    Indeed..the new Phonecia is an honorable tribute to Hussein, as well as a bold, new take on the family recipies, and a more ‘everyday dining destination’.

    In speaking with the owners, the outpouring of love and letters after Hussien’s passing was truly moving. They cherished the thought that Phoneica was that place where people came ‘for something special on a special occasion’.

    The fiscal realities of that, however, well..are realities. I think the family has done an AMAZING job keeping the place ‘special’, but also making it a more casual, come-hang-out-with-us’ kinda vibey place. It’s just what Alki needed, and we’ll be there often.



    I finally made it to the “New Phonecia”. It was sad and wonderful at the same time. It was very different but in the nicest possible way. I had hoped to see the curry on the menu, maybe a different day? The food we did have was delish. The squash pizza with dolce gorgonzola was amazing. The cheese plate with the fig jam also great and the salad with the candied nuts was perfection. I am so happy it has reopened under the care of the family. I have so many wonderful memories from times spent there. I laughed to myself when I noticed how busy it was when I remembered back to the big snow storm when the restaurant filled up and Hussien wasn’t staffed for it so he just locked the doors and took care of all of us that were lucky enough to get a seat.



    i had my second recent dinner at phoenecia last night and had to share my continuing rave about this lovely restaurant. the small plates we enjoyed: fiery prawns, the trio (a must!), and the garlic green beans. then we had the green salad and two pizzas—the squash and the phoenecian. with our bottle of wine, it was really the perfect dinner. the family was warm and welcoming and made us feel like returning friends. i just can’t get enough of phoenecia–please try it!



    YUM YUM YUM! I went over the weekend with Afrikando. Everything was amazing! The service was superb. I have been craving the squash pizza ever since. HUGE Rave to the Phoenicia!


    My husband and I went to Phoencia last night for the first time since it opened. We were going for the small plates, but ended up with Leg of Lamb and Sable fish. Both of these dishes were AMAZING. Its been a long time since we’ve had such a great meal in West Seattle, and we’ve eaten at almost every restaurant in the area. It was a little pricey, but every bite was worth it and I’d do it again. Everyone in WS should go there immediately. When the rest of Seattle figures out how good there food is, we’ll never get in.



    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Phoencia and the owners…

    will work (do dishes) for foooooood :)



    make sure to try the Scallops next time :)




    I drove by and it looked closed. Is it really open?



    nope..not’s their FaceBook page:

    (not sure what their holiday schedule is this weekend tho)…but…go check them out!!



    again..the place looked closed on a busy Alki day. Wonder why they would choose to close on such a great day. Or do they just appear closed from the outside. There is no sign and the windows are dark. I jus don’t get it.



    they are only open for dinner 5-11pm …did you try the door?


    Participant was out in the day time. will have to check them out for dinner then. Thanks. Oh..I just realized it said that on their website. I guess I just assume place will have standard hours.



    not every restaurant is open for lunch…..really :)



    We had dinner at Phoenicia again last night. They mentioned that starting next weekend they will be open for lunch – weekends only for a while as they test it out. If you haven’t tried it yet, go! Amazing food and a wonderful family of owners that me feel like family every time I enter.



    From their facebook page…

    We’re expanding our hours and need help in the kitchen. If you know anyone with line and/or pizza experience please send them my way. This person should have good hygiene, strong work ethic, desire to learn and grow, and must have an eye for detail. This person will learn all stations from prep to pantry to pizzaiolo to pans to running the pass and expediting. Resumes can be sent to



    Love Phoenicia… and will definitely be back



    At the risk of blowing my cover, or violating the terms of use, I started at Phoenicia recently. Hope that doesn’t dissuade my good friends from across the aisle. I may get vitriolic when discussing politics, but happily cook for people of ALL political stripes.

    Ericak has it right, sort of. We ARE opening for lunch, but ALL week, except Tuesday, when the restaurant is closed.

    The team in the kitchen is strong, and the menu will continue to evolve, the focus will continue to be fresh, local ingredients (when available and applicable).

    And, yes, the Khazaal family are very sweet aren’t they? Some people are just right for this business.

    Guys like me are best left in the kitchen, where our lack of social skills do the least damage.




    i am glad to hear the menu is still evolving.

    Hussein was a very special person and his restaurant reflected that. I visited his restaurant every time i visited Seattle for decades and told everyone i knew to go there and put themselves in his capable hands…

    i so wanted to love the restaurant his family rebuilt in his memory… and i didn’t.

    I didn’t hate it… i even liked some dishes.. but i didn’t love it.

    I want to love it and i am certain the Khazaal family wants those of us who loved the Phoenecia to fall in love all over again.

    Put those skills to good use.



    What was missing JoB? Is it something you can put your finger on?

    I certainly understand the impossibility of being everything for everybody all the time, but still, some problems/deficiencies are pretty easy to correct.

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