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    Has anyone found Pepsi Throwback in or near West Seattle?

    More info here:



    no.. but if i do i will try it even if it is pepsi:)



    Safeway on Roxbury has it right as you walk in the door.



    @FullTilt: you know, we stopped at Safeway on our way home last night. You’d think I would have seen it. :)



    Now that we’ve resolved that – anybody seen Mountain Dew Throwback anywhere?



    Admiral Safeway was having a sandwich special last week…buy the sandwich, get chips and a Pepsi throwback or Mountain Dew -not sure if it was a throwback…. You might wanna check, though…so ya like that caffeine, do you, Patrick?



    Found the MD-Throwback hiding behind all the other flavors of Dew at the Roxbury Safeway.

    It’s just nostalgia Jan. Sugar-powered Dew is all that got me through my senior philosophy paper on Kant’s “Prologema to Any Future Metaphysics.”



    Pepsi Throwback isn’t nearly as good as Mexican sugar Coca-Cola (as procured at Costco).



    Well, I had no idea what you-all were talking about, so I googled…here’s more than you could ever want to know about throwbacks (except, of course, where to buy them locally.)

    I stayed afloat and aloft on diet dew for years and it wasn’t any throwback — you mean it used to have even more caffeine?



    They don’t yet have the new Pepsi products but our friends at amazon fresh do carry the cane sugar coca cola bottles as well as a range of non- hfcs carbonated soft drinks.



    I’ve been a bit obsessed over Mountain Dew Throwback since I heard about it. I’ve been fueling myself with a bottle of MD basically every day since our first daughter was born two years ago. The lack of sleep has made the caffeine necessary, and I don’t drink coffee. I don’t love the massive amounts of HFCS I’ve been consuming, so liked the idea of real sugar.

    It was officially released on April 20th, but I wasn’t able to find it anywhere. Then, this past weekend I noticed that the Safeway flyer showed a deal on 12 packs of Pepsi and MD, and the image in the ad was Throwback. So I went to Admiral Safeway, but no luck. Well, my wife would have none of that. She went back in with the flyer and demanded to know why they would advertise it yet not sell it. So they went in the back and found it, and she came home with three 12 packs for me.

    As for how it tastes, I’m not a huge fan. It actually has an almost diet aftertaste. Could have something to do with the fact that it’s in cans, and I usually drink bottles. Whatever, it’s a cool idea.

    Also, the guy at set up a twitter tag for people looking for it. Go to and search for #throwback. I have tried #throwback seattle and #throwback wa, and there are a few results.



    p.s. You can get Mexican Coke at Walgreen’s on 35th.



    bigmark- Really, Walgreens? Is that by the case or the bottle? If it’s by the case, do you recall what the price was like?

    I usually get mine from Fresh, and YES, I’m an addict.



    I saw them by the bottle at Walgreen’s for $1.49, I think.



    My husband won’t drink any other Coke except the Mexican ones now. I personally don’t drink soda but have compared them in the past and it is FAR superior! Might as well drink real sugar cane if you don’t mind the calories…



    Have any of the people that responded realized that the topic is Pepsi Throwback? So who really cares about the Mexican colas, how about Pepsi?




    i care about mexican cola… and i think it might be interesting to compare mexican cola to pepsi throwback…

    i found to my dismay that even though mexican cola tastes better to me it doesn’t give me the energy kick that american cola does…

    Pepsi is sweeter to begin with so it is possible that their cane sugar version would deliver more kick…

    and be a better choice for me since my digestive system reacts to fructose… it would be nice to get the energy kick without the less pleasant after effects.



    I vote for the Mexican Coke! Great stuff!



    There is one more option other than Mexican Coke – Pass Over Coke. I saw this at QFC before Passover. It tastes like to Coke of days gone by. Here is the article form USA Today.

    Kosher Coke ‘flying out of the store’

    Updated 4/9/2009 1:54 PM

    By Duffie Dixon, Gannett

    ATLANTA β€” They sit in the middle of the expansive kosher section inside an area Kroger supermarket. Two-liter bottles of kosher for Passover Coke β€” and they’re quickly disappearing from the shelves.

    “They’re quite popular not just with Jews, but non-Jews as well,” said Rabbi Alan Schwartz.

    The reason β€” Coca-Cola uses sugar to sweeten the beverage instead of the normal fructose corn syrup. It’s how Coke was made years ago and for many it’s the taste they prefer.

    “It’s been flying out of the store,” said Schwartz.

    During Passover the Jewish custom is not to eat any foods that have any leavening in them or any leavening agents. That includes corn. The special batch of Coke and several other beverages that qualify as kosher for Passover have to be run on a special production line and a rabbi oversees the whole process.

    Kosher for Passover Coke is usu



    Thanks bloggers! I was just able to locate a couple of bottles at Walgreens that I needed to try out the recipe for Cola Shredded Beef Tacos from October’s issue of Sunset. Ummmm!

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