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    More importantly from the human race like you. People are dying, and they are not just numbers you are watching on your TV’s. These are family members dying so rapidly that they cannot handle burying them as fast as they die. There are people sacrificing their lives to bring you groceries and take care of the sick and dying. This is not just in New York, this is not just in Europe, this is not just in China. I keep seeing everyone around West Seattle/Arbor Heights act like its nothing, walking down the street like its nothing. At least wear a mask, protect yourself and others. Don’t have a mask, wear a scarf. Whatever it takes if you are going to be outside and in the grocery shops. Take this seriously. I have people in my neighborhood here hosting play dates and having campfires with friends. Its heartbreaking to live near people like this with so much suffering happening. Take action before its others watching us on the news and losing our friends and families here all because you were bored and had to get out. Do it for the ones you love if not for others you do not know. If you think you are immune or we are immune here, you are dead wrong.


    Maria M.

    So with you, Johnny!With family members in Italy, Spain, UK, New York and CT it’s disheartening to go out for a quiet walk wearing a mask, long sleeves and plastic gloves only to have young people running down the sidewalk, unmasked and breathing heavily as they go. PLEASE understand that when I exercise by walking I wear a mask to protect others, not so that you can now come within 6 inches of me. We are so lucky in Washington to still be able to go out to exercise; please use this privilege thoughtfully! Be well.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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