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    Not WS, but police in Seattle & San Francisco are looking for the guy who claimed he “was with” JonBenet Ramsey when she died and he seems to be escalating in his creepiness. He may be living as a woman, Alexis Valoran Reich (fuzzy pic in story). He reportedly has a network of helpers – others that think it’s okay to be “in love” with 5-year-olds – but maybe, someone will see him/her and report it.



    Nauseating story.

    But just so folks don’t get too hysterical, the article also did say that there MIGHT be reason to think he is out of the country.

    Regardless, so bizarre and so creepy.



    What’s creepy to me is that it showed up here on the forums. This kind of schlock is better suited to the Globe, Examiner or MSNBC. I was disppointed to see it here at all.

    It disturbs me when the public begins to gravitate towards this horrible kind of “news.”



    Sorry you feel that way, flowerpetal, I guess I repectfully disagree when it comes from (imho) a credible news source and it’s a guy that is going undetected. Perhaps yes, because he’s out of the country, but one of the last sightings was at a Seattle shelter for domestically abused women (hopefully without children) and maybe he can be flushed out.



    gives a whole new meaning to “creeptastic”.



    Maybe he/she is the “dude looks like a lady” bank robber!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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