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    For any of you who need info at the last minute, ask here.

    Democrats can find all the info they need from caucus locations to links to state and national party info at the

    web site.

    Republicans look here for info.

    Rumor has it all the West Seattle Republicans will be at SW community center.

    I will be at West Seattle Elementary (formerly Highpoint Elem.) and hope to see all the Democrats from precincts SEA 34-1471, 1472, 1484, 1485, 1486, 1487, 1490, 1501 and 1502.

    Remember, it seems if you’re breathing and a citizen over 17.25 years old, and willing to be known as a Democrat this year, you can let your voice be heard.



    thanks ken for being so helpful…

    i won’t meet you at west seattle.. i will be at denny..

    but i look forward to meeting you some day soon and have really appreciated all your assistance..



    Is there an end time for the caucuses? I need to be somewhere later……



    Hi — Just a quick reminder to double-check your caucus location. I’m in 34-1487 and have been told to go to both Highpoint Elementary School (via and Sanislo Elementary (via So confusing!

    So check multiple sites to confirm your location and head out early just in case.



    Just a quick update. Precinct 1487 went Obama 3/ Clinton 2.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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