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    Hello! Has anyone had their air ducts professionally cleaned in their house? If yes, what are your thoughts about it? Did it help with the dust? Thank you!



    We recently had ours done and were tremendously pleased. I did a ton of research and felt very informed about what to look for (positive + negative). We found a service that checked all the boxes — The Duct Cleaners. If you will email me I can send you a discount code. (No, not affiliated, just was given a referral code to pass along for savings for both myself on future cleanings and for others who use it). wprowell@live.com



    I know it makes a difference. I once lived in a rental unit on Cap Hill that had a gas furnace. It was very old and neither the furnace nor the ducts were ever cleaned or serviced. I could tell when the heat was about to kick on because I would get a taste in the back of the throat. That would be the air starting to move through the vents and kicking out a little dust. I don’t know how often one should have the ducts cleaned: we had it done at the house when we got a new furnace and put in an ionic air filter and have been happy with that.


    T Rex

    Ducting cleaning is great but changing your filter at least four times a year is a must. And use a pleated filter. Some may think that once a year is enough but it really is not.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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