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    Health Care for All meeting – Sun Oct 4th – 2-4 PM

    Seattle Public Library

    9010—35th Avenue SW

    Seattle, WA


    . Updates on Congressional health care reform

    . Reports on Visits to Members of Congress

    . Speaker’s Training – Health Care 102

    . Planning for Mid-Oct. Congressional Recess

    . Planning Street Theater: “122 Die Every Day”

    . Brainstorming

    Health Care for All – Washington


    Physicians for a National Health

    Program—Western Washington chapter

    For more info:

    Building Momentum

    for Single-Payer

    Health Coverage



    thanks for posting this..

    last night we were watching a special on the Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young 2006 tour.. the one where they sang songs protesting the Iraq war including one calling for Bush’s impeachment… and a quote from Nash really stood out.

    He was asked if he felt like he was preaching to the choir at their concerts and he replied that he didn’t care if he was.. he just wanted the choir to get off their “bums”… ok bums wasn’t exactly the term he used:)

    When it comes to health care, It’s time for the choir to stand up and let their senators know that the bills the senate finance committee sent to the floor are not adequate…

    that we will not settle for the appearance of reform coupled with a mandate that we all purchase insurance any insurance our employer offers…

    that this pill will need some real reform before we can swallow it.

    and that we will find another democrat to elect if they aren’t listening… they do have to dance with those who elected them.

    Even if you are not in favor of single payer.. we are a long way from real reform and advocating loudly for single payer will enforce the idea that some kind of public option that makes insurance available for those who are not offered insurance through an employer if we are all required to purchase insurance is the compromise position…

    Because whether we get options or not, we are all going to be required to purchase health insurance in any bill that passes.

    I don’t believe we can get single payer now.. but i do believe that if we don’t ask for single payer we won’t get a viable public option of any kind…

    a public option that small businesses could offer their employees would go a long way towards jumpstarting our economy… health insurance costs are the straw that breaks small business’s backs.

    This meeting is a good place to start if you have no idea how to make your time and your voice most effective.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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