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    The commute has been relatively good this week and I fully expect it to return to a grinding halt next week(I’m an optimist!). Any ideas as to why? All schools are back in session (including UW). Weather has been “hit and miss”. I presume most people are back from vacation.

    Just curious what makes the difference in our daily ritual (other than the obvious wrecks, etc).


    WS Person

    I have a theory that some students don’t return for winter semester and even more don’t return for spring semester and it’s enough to see a lightening of traffic for each progressive semester.



    Other than the lack of major accidents that have delayed my bus, my commute has been pretty much the same this week as it is on a normal week. Last week was really sweet, where I got to work about 10-15 minutes earlier than I normally do on the same exact bus.



    I found times of congestion have shifted on my route through Highland Park to South Park and Georgetown. One day I left at a later time after 8:15-30 and found everything congested around Highland Park and no indication of high bridge trouble to divert traffic. I also left earlier than normal at 6:20 and found the 1st Ave bridge interchange already bad and it was still dark out.


    I Wonder

    Freeway congestion has been drastically reduced during my travel times this week. I-5, I-90 and 405 through Bellevue has been amazingly light. I am baffled by it too.



    Monday’s commute was good for me, but it’s been business as usual from here to SLU the rest of the week (after 8am).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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