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    Question to all

    Hello, I didn’t think much of this when I got a stiff neck and sore shoulders a few weeks back, thought I just slept in the wrong position only thought was why is it hurting for 3 plus weeks??? Then my husband felt the same thing and he thought he just slept wrong too, lasted 2 weeks or so…now for the kicker, a co-worker felt the same thing when I was feeling it and now today another co-worker different department said he has a stiff neck, shoulders and thought he slept wrong position too or that he can’t play golf anymore!!! :) I didn’t mention anything about myself or anyone else to him… could this be vaccine related??? we all are vaccinated a good 3 months ago.



    I got Pfizer. 1st shot was Feb 24th 2nd March 17th. 1st shot I had a slightly sore arm for @36 hours. 2nd shot has a less sore arm the 1st day and felt a little fever/headache/low energy the 2nd day. I’ve felt fine since. My sister and brother in law had Pfizer just before I did and had less side effects than I did. My other sister and brother in law had Moderna just before I did. They had the same side effects I did. As of today we’re all feeling great with NO vaccine issues.


    Michael Waldo

    My wife and I both got Moderna vax.
    I had a headache a little achy for a couple of days. Nothing a few Advid didn’t fix.
    That was two months ago.
    My wife had a headache and achy for a couple of days.
    No lingering effects.
    It beats getting Covid,.



    I think if you aren’t feeling well you should call your doctor. Asking a bunch of strangers to surmise if your ailments and the problems of others are related to vaccines you received three months ago, is not going to get you anywhere.


    I can understand the original posters concern or wondering. Do we all really know what the long term effects from the vaccine will or will not be, yes better than getting the virus but do we really know?
    If there are any effects maybe they show up quicker on some people than others?
    And as for the Pharmaceutical Companies to get the vaccine out as quickly as possible… researched long enough or was it that all mighty dollar they were looking at?
    FYI… I am vaccinated and had ill effects after the 2nd dose and was down for 2 days.


    Michael Waldo

    “researched long enough or was it that all mighty dollar they were looking at?”
    In 2013 an mRNA vaccine startup was funded by a $25 million DARPA grant given by the federal government under the Obama administration.
    That startup was Moderna.
    The in 2016, Obama got Moderna another 125 million after their mRNA vaccine technology showed promise.
    Moderna then created their successful COVID vaccine in January of 2020, four months before trumps “Operation Warp speed” even existed.
    So, no, the science was not rushed.
    It was developed after years of research and testing.


    MMM… Vaccine research started in 2016…virus outbreak/happened in 2019…guess I should keep looking for a Medium!



    I have read that the number of people in the stage 3 Covid Vaccine trials was around 10,000 (I read that one was trial was 30,000 people). If those 10,000 are considered a sample from a much larger population (100’s of millions who will take the vaccine) then what is a good sampling statistic for safety of the vaccine?


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