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    Anyone else been having problems with Comcast internet being VERY, VERY slow for about the past week and a half? It’s so slow that my wife has been working at a coffee shop instead of our home network. And we have barely been able to stream Netflix. We even got refunded a movie by Amazon Video for poor streaming quality due to slow network speeds.



    My Comcast seems to be running at normal speed, sometimes pics might hang while loading, maybe for on Facebook than elsewhere.

    The only thing I’ve noticed odd/annoying, and it’s been going on for maybe a couple weeks or so, is all of a sudden when I’m trying to load a page it will give me the “No internet connection” message. What I do when that happens is click on the little icon on the right end of the taskbar (W10; Chrome) to open up the internet connections, then click “disconnect” then “connect” and that seems to do the trick.




    My connection was very slow a month or so ago, but I called Comcast and they reset my modem, and that fixed the slow connection problem.



    Yeah, it’s been bad. I’ve been tracking average speeds at different times of day/night and have seen as low as 35mbps consistently for hours at a time with occasional dips and peaks from 10-95mbps whereas my normal speed is consistently around 115. This isn’t a modem/router issue as I’ve confirmed on other folks using Xfinity around the neighborhood, some folks resetting their equipment, some folks having comcast doing it.
    I’ve noticed several Xfinity vans with cones up around Delridge/Westwood lately so I’m assuming they’re trying to work on the lines and that’s causing a portion of it. I can’t confirm if that’s actually related though.



    I have had many problems with Comcast but I am reminded that it is a shared bandwidth so at night when everybody is home and using NetFlix and everything else it will be much slower than during the day.
    A friend of mine switched to Centurylink and that is a dedicated stream that is not shared so i think i am going to make the switch myself

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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