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    The dilemma is a very large amount of fence needed staining/protecting – and a gallon of stain at $30/gallon.

    Also, probably needs to be hand-painted so it doesn’t spray over to the neighbors side (we split the cost)….’course, staining half a fence probably won’t protect all the wood anyway. Hmmmmm……

    I don’t mind the labor – but are there any cheaper options for stain – alernate products? wholesale prices?



    Rainy, you probably know this, but stain (water thin) goes a long way. Even though a gallon is expensive, you may not need more than that. Also, if you’re not in a hurry, home depot often has mark downs (customer doesn’t like color). I see stain there all the time. A lot of 5 gallon pails as well. They keep them on the floor around the side of the paint desk. Gallons around $5.



    I’d say spend the money for Penafin – high quality stain and protector. We’re in year five post-staining, and our fence looks great. It’s work to put on: brush, let soak in, then rag off. What you spend in time and money will do you good in the long run.




    Staining your fence is a big project but one that is well worth the pain in $’s and muscle. I can’t believe all the people who spend the money to build a fence and then let it waste away in our wet weather. It doesn’t take but a year and those unprotected fences look terrible.

    I have ALOT of fence and spent 2 weeks staining last fall. We used Sherwin Williams cedar stain more expensive but it looks fantastic. We recoated the top board this summer, for extra protection. My sister used a Bear product deck stain and she had it peal off everywhere the rain hit the deck. She now is spending time sanding getting ready to use the Sherwin Williams product…she’d rather be enjoying her time on the boat. It always comes back to you get what you pay for…Good luck staining a hot tub and cold one helps alot after a day staining!



    I would recommend Aquafin (it’s by Penofin) because it’s water-based and non-toxic and works well. We stained a good amount on one gallon. We got ours at Crosscut Hardwoods in SODO but they may not carry it anymore. Alki Lumber might be able to get it for you. It’s pretty hit-or-miss trying to find something non-toxic at hardware stores. : P



    Just thought I’d through in my $.02, since I was just at McLendon’s Hardware Store in White Center yesterday morning.

    I noticed they were having a big sale on paint. Don’t know which brands of stain they carry or whether the sale discount applies to only paints, but it might be info worth tucking away as you research.

    And, I would agree with SWThistle – stock up with something cold in the frig for when you’re finished. Gonna’ be warm!

    Good luck!



    Great ideas – thank you all! I have not stained before so maybe I won’t need as much as I thought. I’ll check out McLendon’s sale and look at Sherwin Williams and Aquafin products. The non-toxic option does appeal to me.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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