Reply To: discrminating king county metro drivers



Drivers get away with this crap all the time, which I know from personal experience. I had a similar incident with a driver a week or so ago. Don’t just file a complaint, file a lawsuit. That will at least get their attention. Metro has an ADA complaint process, but I wouldn’t trust anything they do internally. You could also file with the Seattle Office of Civil Rights. I wish there was a better shot of the driver, but he resembles a former weekend 22 driver who constantly behaved this way, especially toward older women. He would deliberately stop either way short or beyond the stop, then berate the person for some nonsensical reason. When it came to young boys, his behavior was the polar opposite – jovial, talkative, and would stop anywhere for them. He may have transferred to the Route 50, but there were multiple complaints – including from other drivers.