DEVELOPMENT: 1790 Alki; 5617 California

Two notes from today’s edition of the city-circulated Land Use Information Bulletin:

1790 ALKI: A year and a half ago, we mentioned an early-stage proposal for a “4-story apartment building” on parcels at 1790 and 1794 Alki [map], both holding vacant houses. Now an official land-use application has been made for a project described as four stories, 12 units, 18 offstreet parking spaces. Here’s the design proposal. The project is going through Administrative Design Review, so no public meetings, but today’s notice opens a two-week comment period, until June 10; this notice explains how to comment.

5617 CALIFORNIA: Also open for comments through June 10th, the land-use application for 5617 California SW, described as “two 4-story townhouse buildings (6 units) and one 4-story live-work building (3 units)” with four offstreet parking spaces. Here’s the early design proposal; here’s the notice explaining how to comment.

14 Replies to "DEVELOPMENT: 1790 Alki; 5617 California"

  • TM May 28, 2024 (2:07 pm)

    I’m excited for the 1790 Alki project.  I’ve seen some pictures of Kun Lim’s projects, they’re amazing.  The preferred design for 1790 looks beautiful.  

  • K May 28, 2024 (2:41 pm)

    Excited for the new developments, but why so much parking?  Think of how much tree canopy could be spared or even created if we weren’t so insistent on multiple parking spaces per unit.  Parking spaces are ultimately far more harmful to wildlife than pickleball.

    • Daniel May 28, 2024 (5:33 pm)

      Looks like the Alki one has the majority of parking underground.

    • bgrcoug May 28, 2024 (6:41 pm)

      parking so you can park….pretty obvious.  sorry you think life goes on without cars

    • bgrcoug May 28, 2024 (6:45 pm)

      because parking is needed…

    • The King May 28, 2024 (7:14 pm)

      “Do you have reliable transportation and a current Washington State drivers license?”. A common question asked on any job application. A lot of us live in a world where we must be to work on time, sometimes travel for our occupations at the whim of the boss calling. Some of us even have family emergencies which require us to drive a family member to the hospital. Can’t imagine taking my child or spouse to the emergency room at 2 am on the bus or bicycle over the years. I don’t know how you do it. 

    • Anne May 28, 2024 (8:14 pm)

      Oh , please. 

  • Niko May 28, 2024 (3:55 pm)

    This needs to STOP West Seattle is full the infrastructure cannot handle it I’m sick of seeing the soul sold for profit

    • Derp May 28, 2024 (6:11 pm)

      Well it is their property and not yours. And there is a lot of room,  just not to your liking

    • bgrcoug May 28, 2024 (6:43 pm)

      maybe you should move into one of the dilapidated houses that have been vacant for over a decade then…..that needs to stop, tear these eye sores down and welcome to the 21st century

    • Arbor Heights Resident May 29, 2024 (11:21 am)

      All the better that we’re getting the light rail extension then

  • AG May 28, 2024 (5:45 pm)

    I live near this parcel and I’m tired of watching the squatters come and go, but… ugh. Are none of these architects capable of referencing actual Alki history or beach-dwelling vernacular? What I am seeing in that image looks like the usual stale Bellevue mess with a story or two lopped off.

    • flowergirl May 28, 2024 (6:45 pm)

      “stale Bellevue mess” is for sure AG

  • bgrcoug May 28, 2024 (6:44 pm)

    about time those places get torn down, it’s been well over a decade they’ve been vacant.  glad the city fire dept has finally threatened these slum lords with tearing them down.  good to see some movement

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