FOLLOWUP: YMCA promises more Fauntleroy information ‘in next two weeks’

January 23, 2024 10:00 pm
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Last Friday, during a “town hall” meeting on the Fauntleroy YMCA, dozens of community members pleaded for more details on the financial challenges clouding its future. (Here’s our coverage, including video of the meeting.) Local and regional YMCA executives promised more information would be forthcoming, as well as a community survey. But they didn’t say when, so we asked on Monday. Tonight, we have the answer, in an initial update from the Greater Seattle YMCA, which thanks Fauntleroy community members for participating, and continues:

We are currently consolidating all the email information we received this weekend. We plan to send a follow-up message via email to the emails we have in our system and those gathered at the town hall so that all those who attended and those who could not attend will be able to review the recording and the initial information below as soon as possible. Our goal is to try to reach our entire community, and we will need your help to do so.

In the next two weeks, we also plan to send out communications via email, in-person signage at the Fauntleroy Y, West Seattle Y, and the Fauntleroy Church, the media, and social media. The communication will include an initial survey on ideas, meeting setup, and more, as well as a high-level plan for moving forward. The plan will be hosted on our website so that our community can find the most up-to-date information. This plan should include: (1) communications (format, distribution, and more), continued town halls formatted for collaboration, and project timelines (2) additional context about where we were pre, during, and post the COVID pandemic (3) committee involvement, and (4) a place to ask more questions. Please let us know if you feel something needs to be added or if you have another idea that we should include in that upcoming communication or a question that we should address. As an additional part of our commitment to transparent communications, we will be sure to update you if timelines need adjusting (whether that means we can get you information sooner or later) and why. Please do not hesitate to contact us at

Rumors that the YMCA was considering closing the longstanding Fauntleroy branch – which has never resumed daily operation since its pandemic closure – started circulating in early January. In response, statements were made by both Fauntleroy Church – whose campus holds the center – and the Y, which promised it wouldn’t make “hurried final decisions.”

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