DEVELOPMENT: 7617 35th SW passes first phase of Design Review on second try

(Renderings by LDG Architects)

The six-story 130-apartment mixed-use project at 35th/Holden/Ida got first-phase approval from the Southwest Design Review Board last night, with advice on what to include before it comes back for final approval.

As the online meeting concluded, outgoing SWDRB member Alan Grainger said it’s an “important location” and that “the applicant needs to pull out all the stops.” Board chair Gavin Schaefer agreed. They were joined at the meeting by member Johanna Lirman; two other members were absent. Also participating, Joe Hurley, the city planner assigned to the project.

The first phase of Design Review is Early Design Guidance, which mostly deals with the building’s size, shape, and placement on the site. (Here’s the full design packet used for the meeting.) Architect Ed Linardic and the project team had made some changes based on feedback from the first meeting earlier this year, but some things couldn’t be changed. For example, SDOT is not allowing entry to the underground parking garage from SW Holden, because of future plans for the street reportedly including a bike lane, so the entry will remain off SW Ida. (The project includes ~50 parking spaces, all of which will be in an underground garage.)

The meeting included public comment, spoken and written, from seven people, ranging from two voicing support for more housing in the area to a suggestion that the project exterior needs a little more “interest” given how visible it will be at six stories on a major arterial. Board members agreed; Grainger at one point called the current plan “boring.”

The formal board advice ended up recommending that the building’s corners get “extra attention,” and that more thought be put into the ground-floor entrances (the building will have them on each of the three streets it fronts). They also formally conveyed a suggestion that Lirman made, for more attention to resident amenities like common areas such as pet runs.

The project will have at least one meeting in the second and final Design Review phase – the city will announce a date once the project team is ready (usually at least a few months). If you have comments on the project in the meantime, whether related to design or not, you can email

7 Replies to "DEVELOPMENT: 7617 35th SW passes first phase of Design Review on second try"

  • DC December 8, 2023 (3:01 pm)

    So excited for this project and more nearby businesses! Given that it’s within walking distance of my home (and that I park on my own property) I don’t have to worry about an increase in cars parked on the street. Hopefully others will also consider walking/biking/bussing to this location. Remember, the roads and parking along it don’t belong to anyone. They are a shared resource.

    • Anne December 8, 2023 (3:21 pm)

      Wonder what exciting businesses will move in?? While some might consider walking, biking, bussing to/from this location many will be driving (if other builds are any indication) with 130 apartments & only 50 dedicated underground parking spots  you can pretty much count on getting to know your new neighbors  -who will be sharing the neighborhood parking resources. 

    • David December 8, 2023 (3:27 pm)

      Hope these new neighbors you are so anxious to have parking outside your home don’t block your driveway 🤣🤣But don’t worry – you can have their cars towed away (at their expense) if they are blocking your driveway.  Just need to show the tow truck operator valid ID showing you reside at that address and the person blocking your driveway does not have your permission to park there (it IS illegal to block peoples driveways with a parked vehicle).  

  • WarOnCars December 8, 2023 (4:17 pm)

    *a proposed build without an excessive amount of parking nor a surface lot* Drivers: “this is oppression”

  • Ida December 8, 2023 (9:03 pm)

    Yay, such a massive upgrade for this stretch. 

    • Steve December 9, 2023 (12:42 pm)

      It is? Why?

  • 1994 December 8, 2023 (11:29 pm)

    A bike lane on Holden?  Is there a traffic signal on Ida where the 50 spot parking garage entry/exit will be located? If there is not currently a traffic signal at Ida does SDOT plan to install one for the increased traffic on Ida? 

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