WEST SEATTLE SUNSET: Pink-splashed spring sky

Thanks for the photos from tonight’s pretty-in-pink sunset! Above, from Brooke Gosztola; below, from James Bratsanos:

The forecast suggests a few more days of weather like today – partly sunny tomorrow, mostly sunny Wednesday, high near 60 both days.

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  • Neighbor March 27, 2023 (11:00 pm)

    Beautiful pics!  I live on Lowman Beach and witnessed this as well.  This sounds kooky, but did anyone see the massive aura circling the moon (after sunset)?  I found it intriguing but was more interested watching a plane try to exit (said circled aura), and it couldn’t penetrate the circle! It tried many times, but kept being swept upwards.  I only started filming after the fact that it got stuck.  Afterwords, all planes NEVER entered the circle around the moon.  They all flew under the circle and the flight patterns followed suit.  The plane or object (which me and my partner witnessed), stayed and haven’t moved since.  I alerted my neighbor who witnessed it himself.  I, my partner, nor my neighbor has ever witnessed an aura that has perfectly circled the moon, let alone see a plane get stuck within the circle while also witnessing a crazy change in airplanes completely diverting “said aura”. This was so amazing to see.  Anyway- something to add to these beautiful pictures!  The top right “star” is the object that was seemingly an airplane (which had a blinking red light, until it couldn’t break the circle aura.)  Trust me, we both witnessed it try several times and then the blinking red light disappeared after numerous attempts. The bottom light is a passing airplane.  Just another glorious addition to the beautiful sunset… and another reminder that maybe we AREN’T alone??   Like I said, super kooky, but I have 3 witnesses that saw something extraordinary tonight!

    • I looked it up… March 28, 2023 (8:14 am)

      You say it was a red? According to my stars app, looks like Mars was hanging out just behind The Moon. And last night planes were taking off northward from SeaTac, so what looks like planes “diverting” from a point by going left and right are them going to their destinations, which almost all involved needing to turn left or right once they reach the right point in the airspace to do so.Just providing a more likely explanation than a plane getting stuck. Though, seeing Mars right next to The Moon is still a very cool thing to see as I’m not sure how often that happens!

    • Svenry March 28, 2023 (10:37 am)

      Nice view! What you saw is a very common atmospheric phenomenon known as a 22° halo. They’re the result of light refracting through ice crystals in the upper atmosphere. They can also appear around the Sun, as shown in my photo from last May. No worries about planes getting stuck!

  • WSCurmudgeon March 28, 2023 (10:04 am)

    The 22⁰ Halo is a natural phenomenon caused by light reflecting off of ice crystals in very high clouds. 

    The pilots of the planes, if they could see the halo, saw it around the moon from their perspective,  just as the viewers on the beach saw it.

    Wikipedia article:


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