WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Street attack; stolen vehicle; charges filed in three cases

Four notes in West Seattle Crime Watch today:

STREET ATTACK: According to a brief summary from Seattle Police, a person was walking in the 5000 block of California SW, south of The Junction, around 6 am Thursday, when he was attacked. The report says a person described only as male approached him, demanded money, and hit him in the jaw, then striking him with a baseball bat, knocking him out. The victim regained consciousness and walked home, then notifying authorities. SFD responded to treat him, and then he was taken to the hospital via private ambulance. The victim told police nothing was stolen because he wasn’t carrying any cash.

(added 8:41 pm) STOLEN VEHICLE: From Michael:

My nephew’s car was stolen early this morning, 9000 block 18th SW. Toyota RAV4, black with front and back bumper damage, UW Huskies special “Purple” license plate #32334B. Please call 206.406.2147 if you see it anywhere.

Also tonight, we have documents from charges filed recently in three West Seattle cases:

SCHOOL BURGLARIES: Back at the start of the year, we reported on two potentially linked school burglaries, with the suspect arrested at South Seattle College (WSB sponsor) and found with a stolen vehicle containing instruments suspected to have been taken in a burglary at Pathfinder K-8. The suspect was released from jail after a day and a half and is finally now charged. The King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has charged 28-year-old Jeremy S. Fredrickson with second-degree burglary, possession of a stolen vehicle, and possession of stolen property. The charging documents say the car, stolen in Renton a week earlier, contained “numerous band instruments having “Seattle Public Schools” stickers, power tools, axes, machetes, a bucket full of keys, and several burglary tools.” The inventory in the charging documents lists more than 20 instruments with a value totaling up to $24,000. Fredrickson, whose record included firearms convictions more than a decade ago, has been arrested twice – each time jailed for just a day – since the burglary arrest, but is not currently in custody.

HOME BURGLARY: The KCPAO charged 29-year-old Joshua I. Millar with one count of residential burglary for a break-in last week in the 5600 block of 25th SW. The charging documents say he was found in the house after tripping an alarm by entering through a window after removing its molding to gain access; neighbors held him until police arrived. Millar had two warrants at the time and has been in jail since the arrest on June 9th, with bail set at $10,000.

STOLEN CAR: The KCPAO has charged 25-year-old Jesus E. Rodriguez-Ramirez with possession of a stolen vehicle. Around 4:30 am on June 10th, police found him asleep in a stolen 2000 Ford Ranger, spray-painted black, parked along the 7100 block of Detroit SW, in what the charging documents describe as “an area well-known for the presence of stolen vehicles.” The truck had been stolen one week earlier from what prosecutors describe only as “an apartment complex south of Seattle.” They note that Rodriguez-Ramirez has a prior conviction for the same crime, and that damage to the truck’s ignition, as well as the hasty paint job, left the victim with a bill for at least $3,000. The defendant remains in jail, with bail set at $5,000.

7 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Street attack; stolen vehicle; charges filed in three cases"

  • westeland June 17, 2022 (8:39 pm)

    That is truly horrible that the person was violently attacked – it’s horrifying. I can only pray they make a full recovery.
    And I’m beyond belief that the same criminals keep being released to hurt people again and again. When are politicians going to do something about this? The terrible part about this beyond the victims of crime, is that we’re eventually going to see the pendulum swing too far the other way… but voters have lost patience, and it’s eventually going to show in who gets voted into office.

    • Ferns June 17, 2022 (10:36 pm)

      Why do you say this happens repeatedly and that the perpetrator of a violent crime is “released”? What assumptions are you making? I’m not aware of this M.O. being reported repeatedly. And, if the perpetrator continues to strike and is identified and arrested why wouldn’t they be released until their court date, sent for treatment, or held on bond? That is the justice system. What would your *realistic* solution be? Have a dictator throw them in prison without a trial?I think more police presence and community policing would be helpful. They would get info faster on suspects and deter crime with their presence. But we have to recruit, train and retain. We’re short. So, a neighborhood watch type program could help fill that gap. 

      • J June 18, 2022 (7:58 am)

        Violent criminals should be locked up for a long time with no bail. These are the worst of the criminals and the soft on crime judges that we have let them out with small bail so they can do it all over again. We need a complete new set of judges that will start throwing the book at these low life’s so they can no longer assault innocent citizens.

      • Westeland June 18, 2022 (1:34 pm)

        Ferns, I care more about victims of crime than I do about perpetuators of crime. There is a growing minority of very liberal people like me who have HAD IT with the soft-on-crime do-nothing policies of our elected leaders.
        I could lecture you on all of societies ills and injustices that create criminals (no one is born one). And I’ll continue to fight and vote for the economically disadvantaged, for the mentally ill, for the treatment centers, for judicial reform.
        But that doesn’t mean I’m okay with the revolving door of criminals. That doesn’t mean I’m okay with the graffiti and property crime and gangs and daily shootings, muggings, carjackings, burglaries. And if you’re not okay with it either, then stop taking every opportunity to defend or downplay it.
        And if you are okay with it, or think it’s much ado about nothing, then there’s probably nothing I can say to open your eyes to it.

  • Guy June 17, 2022 (11:02 pm)

    Welcome to the Wild Wild West. It’s getting worse and it’s a shame. 

  • Marcus June 18, 2022 (7:58 am)

    No, no Ferns, I think that Westeland is just very concerned about this particular violent crime occurrence.  It is true from various reports in the WSB, that many judges assign very low bail levels contrary to the prosecutor’s recommendations leading to a revolving door.  There are a lot of repeat offenders and wether this crime was performed by one we do not know.  I hope they catch this guy, set a high bail that keeps him in jail until his trial, for which if the police and prosecutors have done their jobs, a conviction and jail time for a violent action.

    • Scubafrog June 19, 2022 (7:01 pm)

      We have got to find tougher judges to run for Superior Court.  10k bail, no bail, just abhorrent.  And when convicted, plenty of these known, repeat offenders get such short sentences, they might as well not even have been convicted.  Sadly, much of the time, no one runs against incumbent judges.  The Ferns of the world appear to be more concerned for the criminal, than the leagues of victims.  The mayor refuses to fortify the SPD.   A tough time to be a citizen of Seattle:  Democrats have FAILED re crime, nationally.  The mid-terms are going to be rightful, brutal political reminder for the left.

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